Friday, September 9, 2011

Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny...

Worthy of noticing
Not only small things and simple things are worthy of noticing and appreciating - itsy bitsy, teeny weeny things are worthy. So worthy.

Actually my dog is itsy, bitsy... compared to other dogs. 
And there's no way he will remain unnoticed when he is up and about!

Walking barefoot on thistles - however teeny - makes you put Wellingtons on...

The garden sure is teeny and the flowerbed is too, but it takes hours moving the bed...

Bouquets of sharpened pencils, anyone?
There's no doubt, here, that September came with autumn weather. Storms are lining up and the days are a lot colder. It gets dark earlier, so I guess now is the time again to report "darkness" instead of the spring-light-reports?!
My guru talks of September creativity and storms of inspiration.
I agree and remember Tom Hanks' character in "You've got mail" saying that autumn makes him feel like buying school supplies and want to send bouquets of sharpened pencils. That is spot on!
I'd love one :-)

Last year our garden offered two or maybe three Blackberries. This year, in spite of rearranging the flowerbed, we're being offered maybe 20 of them. Way to go Blackberries!

In a direct translation from my Scandi language these would be called "Love herb". 

Talk about your itsy bitsy teeny weeny sisters. Well, I sure can see you snuggling down there!
They kept me quite good company working in the garden.

Measuring the fence. Being all lovely.

Getting a fresh September start. October first he'll be nine years old!

Vow. Wow!
So, back to the guru and her wisdom! She spoke of resolutions, Wednesday, and maybe I should lay low in that department, since I've already taken a fall-vow of being a better wife?
But I have to be so provocative as to say that I vow something else too...
Why do I dare do it? Because I do it even without the vow - I didn't even realize it was a grand vow 'til I told the guru about it!!!
What it is?
Keep being obnoxiously social in our "new" town!
I'm the kind who is naturally quite "happy-go-lucky-neighbor-friendly" and since The Hubster is not, I have to make up for him too. Hence: obnoxiously friendly, social and happy.
"Well, then, that's not much of a challenge then" you might think but that's wrong. The challenge part consists of my not swaying or slanting when the "housewives" around here look like they don't really want to let me in to their togetherness in the playground. THAT'S the challenge!
Do I work full time and commute? Yes.
Do I like it? Yes.
Am I a kind, sweet, fun and happy person despite that? Yes, ma'am!
I vow to show them that - THEN they can dismiss me. But only then.
(in all fairness: they're entitled to get to know their career-sister with all her upsides, right?!)

I rest my case.

The teenie son, of mine.

He may be small but his love is huge.

See what I mean?

Eh.... nothing is small about these babies. They're tall, remarkable and beautiful!

Hollyhocks, I'm in love.

Gives me the chills...

Still time for sandals. Thank heaven for that!

Love them Hollyhocks.


Instagrams: small and gorgeous!
Here's a few picks from the week that came and went:

Well, this is an iPhone 4-pic but it's so darn cute I gotta publish it here! The Boy loves visiting the old pre school and the cute little friends he had there. He really likes the smaller children and playing with them.

His old, sweet pre school teachers!!! Best ever.

"Good morning from Scandinavia" is often how I start my instagram days. 
With this bro.

Bright colors at the train.

It's September. Last year, in September, I boarded a plane and went to New York with my oldest son. And had the time of my life! This sign sits in my kitchen as a reminder.

Even weekdays are worthy of cosy evenings.

At our favorite café.

Girlfriend loves her foam bath. A lot!

One can always pretend. 
Oh, when will I take this flight again?

And five rides to work, with the husband!

Reflections in a puddle.

Impromptu pizza dinner at a new and very nice pizza parlour.

Gorgeous evening in our totally awesome town!

Sunset in Scandinavia.

A boy totally mastering this bike!!

Yeah, I like to watch the sky.

Good morning again. Thursday - soon charge time.

Here we are again. It's Friday, a day of marvel. Weekend's here again and isn't it hard to comprehend, that another week has passed? I can't figure it out - how it happens.

It could be easy to say, here, that the work week seems almost itsy bitsy, teeny weeny. But I guess I'll pass on that...

Enjoy the weekend, my friends! I wish you the very best.


  1. Your fantastic collection of photo's ... i love looking through them all.

    'love herb' what a great name for a flower.

    I love my garden too... and spent a little time there once the rain had stopped on friday.

    I cant wait to see the gorgeous autumn colours again.

  2. Thanks a lot! As always I'm so happy to hear your kind words.
    Yes, a garden is such a good thing and relaxing thing to have. Even if rainy days aren't so good out there...

    I can't wait, either, for that totally blossoming of the autumn colors - that sure is a sight for sore eyes!