Monday, September 19, 2011

These are the precious times

My "Free Friday" came and went with one mantra: "chilling and just being, like my life depends upon it"!

I'm 40 years old and it is only now that I let my inner voice totally dictate what I should do with my (tiny) free time.
Friday I just felt I wouldn't garden, I wouldn't do laundry, I wouldn't sit in the sun just to get a nice face tan and I wouldn't clean the house (not during the exquisite alone-part of the day anyway).
I enjoyed it immensely!
I had coffee and a piece of mint chocolate, I watched whatever I felt like on TV, I went jogging and I got some nice shots of the sweet sunshine.

Best of all: I got to choose, I got to decide and no one else.

This time of year everything seems exquisite and extra beautiful, as warm turns to a little chillier...

Since our house is ever hot - we're all in summer attire all year through!

Gorgeous evenings.

And fabulous days!

The summer-house
When I think of our house, the interior decorations and our life here in the south I keep coming back to it being a summer house, that we use all year. 
'Cuz that's how it feels!
It's designed to be summery and functions perfect during summer and it has a summer feel to it all over.
In that sense it works like my favorite song does ("Summer time" with Will Smith): 
it prepares for summer, during spring, it reminds about summer in the winter and it preserves summer in the autumn.
During summer it celebrates summer!
Oh, how I love this home.

I'm really thankful that these beauties make summer stay a little bit longer.

For autumn lurks too...

A whole bunch of individuals still party like it's summer!

Including this one.

Yes, Friday was a splendid day for a biking party!!

Good fun it was!

He hits some high speeds.

A confidence builder.

Lurking, right in the midst.

Which route should I opt for next?

Mommy waits...

The baby has a ball!

And my heart breathes in, keeps and treasures.

Hello sweet sunny Friday!

These are soon to be pick-able. The Boy LOVES those!!

Chilling allowed me to think about what a charmed life I'm leading. I'm in love, I'm being loved and I adore my sons.
Thursday evening The Six Year Old Boy said that it's a shame we're all going to die - wondering why - and declaring it would be so much better if we could all just live forever.
Don't I know it?!

I often think of the remarkability of the fact that the small boy resembles the big boy so much!
I remember what the big boy used to say and what he used to sing ("I get so happy whenever I see you" - is a song he used to sing to me when he was about 5-6 years old).

My big boy blew me away the instant he was born, with the love and the wonder and forever I'm in awe of him, his strength, his love.
I didn't think it was possible to love like that again.
But it was.

Wishing you a good start of the week!


  1. It's great that you are still getting good weather before the autumn sets in properly. I adore the Autumn colours. I also really smiled seeing your son ride his bike.
    Any thanku for taking the time to comment on my Autumn shots... no the photo's are not manipulated in any way -- they really were that colourful and beautiful! thank you.
    Jennie. x

  2. Yes, The Boy on the bike is good to see, for sure!

    Wow, I can't get over your beautiful shots - so well done!!!!