Friday, September 2, 2011

My Mojo

Found it!
This week I found my mojo again, after some time where I've been slightly beside it, somehow.
Or maybe even like this: I found a new mojo!
I feel like I've taken a leap, climbed up a level on the staircase of life.

Mojo building? Don't think so but it doesn't harm it, this beaut!!

Looking almost eatable.

Maybe you need to have your mojo in order to appreciate the grandness?

It doesn't happen over night. 
Those of you who have followed me for some months know why I started the blog, what I try to focus on and that some weeks have been more of a challenge than others. Even despite this effort that the blog is.
That the why is not related to my private life, you also know.
That's as far as I'll go. 
That's as far as you're interested in also, I think and that's all good!
It doesn't need to be out there, this why.
In fact, it needs to not be out there.

This contributes to my mojo: the boy and his endless love.

See the sun shining through the hair?

I see me. A fantastic version of me.

I see the baby. I get a warm heart.

I find joy and laughter (the remote!).

It's good to find, within me, that the anguish and the bravery for quite some time - in a leap was gone.
In a "small step for mankind" I took a giant step and did not only feel like a winner and stronger, I all of a sudden felt good about my looks, my figure and the whole me. Not only the part that took that step.

Now, if that's not mojo, I don't know what is!

Born with mojo. What a relief!


There has been fewer photos this week. I've been busy with garden and a lot of stuff where the camera had no place! Like teaching my boy how to ride his bike, like digging plants up, moving them and carrying big stones.
Stuff like that. Good stuff, like that.

So, for the second time this week I give you an instagram photo dump. Just because I can!

The movie's over. Time to hit the sack!

Key lime pie and coffee.


Still lots of sight of that blessed sun!

I found time to snuggle with .... me!

Hubs and I managed a lunch date!

I gave a lecture for politicians at work - it went awesome!
Afterwards I just looked down at my shoes and enjoyed the moment.

Taking the beautiful walk home from the train is always always always a pleasure.

I still adore the rides in the car with hubs!

Chantarelles - it's autumn times that calls for autumn foods...

Weekend's here!
Wow!!!!!!! Enjoy it friends. I will.
Oh, boy, it's my favorite day.


  1. Ooooh lovely... now you know how much i like photo dumps, lol
    Gorgeous photo's of you little boy, truly lovely.
    I'm glad you've found your mojo and feel on top of the world.... Blow some *happy dust* my way please.
    jennie. xx

  2. Blowing happy dust your way.....!
    Yeah, I'm very very glad I found it. Felt doubtful there for a while...