Monday, September 5, 2011

High on life - biking away!!

What can I say? The boy aced it, once we really took our time to practice this cycling...

We even got daddy on his feet, running, so I could get some pics!

Ooops, off in to the green...

Good spirits though!

Practice makes perfect
How true it is! Practice sure makes perfect in so many aspects of life: bravery, working, studying and bicycling. It 's good to be tenacious and stubborn, if one aims for perfection.
My boy is very stubborn and doesn't really know the meaning of "giving in".

The happy lad!!

Getting one foot down is a little hard, since the saddle is a little too high.

But he's fine with it.

I'm so very proud and so glad we found time for it finally.

He's proud too.

Things work out for the best
I'm glad that we live in our small attached house, in a small neighborhood with paths surrounding the houses. No cars allowed.
Kids play around and run around, kids practice kick boards and bikes and kids climb and jump, while parents watch, talk and joke.
This house fit our budget and that's why we bought it. Now I see and feel the advantage of the location of it. I'm pleased with our decision!

No cars in sight!

My boy just gives it his best shot.

The "landing" is the hardest part.

Traffic jam! A little girl busy practicing also.

That cutie pie!!

He had his heart set on making it.

It takes all kinds to make a world
It takes all kinds, how true it is. Living in an area like this we take each other as we are.
Someone is 60 years old and a wonderful active grandfather, someone has a life that is about to change very soon, someone has another kind of belief than you do and someone else, yet, comes from another country.
It's good learning how to socialize with different kinds of people and I'm happy to be a role model for my son in that department.

So, here's to our cute cosy neighborhood and all our wonderful neighbors!
And to my son, the biker!!!


  1. Congratulations to your son for learning to ride his bike!!!! He's too cute.

  2. Shirley: oh, thank you! Yes, the excitement is big here and his confidence high :-)