Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Waking up to a boy singing...

Isn't that just heaven sent?
Waking up I see a boy sitting on the floor telling me he loves me and that I'm the best thing he knows!
Waking up I hear The Boy singing a cute little song right beside me.
Waking up is good!

Another great thing about autumn is that I start longing to cook and do cook a lot!

A romantic couple, in love.

Cooking, getting into the mood by these.

Fika time!

And now our tiny faux (ethanol) fire is being used almost daily again!

So, what else is new?
We're being invaded by mosquitoes these days and I guess it comes from all the raining that has been the current weather of choice?! Even though we're really careful not to have doors or windows open, they still manage to get inside. I can't remember ever having so many mosquitoes inside. Annoying!
The dog doesn't go for them either, I think he considers them too small and not a sport at all...

Would you take a look at that dog?!!

Waffles for dinner was appreciated by the boy!

A perfect Tuesday dinner.

Grape marmalade?
Does anyone know if it's possible to make a tasty grape marmalade? Our grapes are getting close to the end now and I'd like to capture them for a much colder day and then get a taste of summer, via them.
Please do tell, if you have any recipe at all - apart from wine which I have no intention of making - for what I could do with them!

Since I wasn't feeling well, seeing my oldest son, I only got a handful of pics. 
Here he's making a drink for me!

I am a flash-refuser, since I dislike the harsh light, hence blurry photos
but with moods in them...

The best breakfast all year.

It was cosy and warm in the heart.

Even if I could only have tea for breakfast...!

Oh, my goodness how I love. How I love! I'd get the moon down in a heartbeat...

And even if the sky was a little bit greyer leaving him...

... I know this autumn will bring us back together again.

Ships honking their horns
And so the circle's so darn closed, somehow. Summer's gone, like it was last year when all of us had moved in, gotten the furniture in and found time to rediscover each other.
A year has passed and we're now busy getting "in" to our lives here.

I love the planes that fly over our house during the weekends in the summer (and autumn) - small planes, private flyers and they feed my dream of one day flying myself.
I love the ships honking their horns as they leave for distant shores in countries far away.
I love that spring is early and autumn is late.
I love always feeling the scent of the ocean, whenever I step outside.

And yet again I'm so grateful for my ability to love. It's the best ability I have!

Have a great Wednesday, y'all!


  1. I too am a flash refuser (great description) I would much prefer to fiddle about with my settings and have an ambient light than harsh.
    What a lovely wake up for you... I used to love hearing my son gurgling and cooing next to me in his cot, I would make my heart melt.
    I didn't know you suffered with mozzy's.... Oh dear I always get bitten badly on my holidays.
    And finally, cute son, cute doggy between the feet and bring on those comforting recipes . Try googling for grape jam, I'm sure there is ! Xx

  2. Hello blogger friend
    Firstly thank you so much for all the comments and well wishes - its been so great. I love the photo of you with your eldest. I'm already beginning to realise how precious time is and then its flown by and they are adults! Keep up the beautiful photography, its so beautiful.
    (Mrs Wife Ms Lover)

  3. Jennie: thanks dearest! So much, your words are grand and pure joy!
    Actually I tried googling grape marmalade, so now I'm sure I'll have to invent it ;-)

    Mrs W Ms L: well, hello friend and good seeing you!
    A sincere thank you, to you. I appreciate your feedback. Yes, my oldest son is my very first very grand and great and awesome love. I always miss him, and the years sure do pass quickly.
    You can count on it!