Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Friday!

Free and "home alone"
Friday's here and I have the day off!
I'll work Sunday, so that's why...

Free Friday means having the luxury of spending some hours alone with me and my dog. We'll jog, we'll have coffee and we'll chill on the couch. Me thinks!

The slightly colder mornings this week have been beautiful.

Off to fun times.

Last week, Sunday meant starting a new thing: The Boy started playing floorball. We got up early and were all excited about this new adventure!

There are still some flower beds that are proud and blooming.

On the way!

Leaves on the ground and a chill in the air. Autumn.

The little boy in the big sport arena.

In a terrific mood!

The Boy has tried soccer and handball and they were good but not "it". Floorball he always liked in pre school and I hope that he'll stick to this for a while. He was all smiles, so it seems good.
My boy likes running and playing but he's not the competitive kind and is not manic about striking goals, so maybe he's got a good nerve for a competitive game?

I was as proud as only a mom can be!

My boy has got the ball!!

Key word being FUN.

And this time The Parents remembered to bring water...!

Neither one of my two sons have been keen large-group-players, not the kind to be very macho, strong, forward and pushy as small kids. In that way they've been un-guy-like. They have also both been very good with small kids, warm hearted and kind. I'm so utterly proud of them because of that. 
It's good to see them challenging themselves in team sports also though. 

My big son started playing (american) football in his teens and the small boy keeps searching for a good sport. It's fun joining them for the ride!

Sweaty hair.

"It's starting to look a lot like autumn..." - but still kind of warm.

instagrams - so many pics, so little space ;-)

As usual, I start off the instagrams with a non-instagram...

Much rain. So much rain.


The Lurker.

A ghost?

Sweet sun.

We enjoy the good days that do show.

The entrance hall.

Laundry pile from h*ll...

After the work day!

My boy, still playing like a real genuine child!

Pancakes for dinner one evening!

Going home from work, by train. It gets dark at 8 PM nowadays.

The dog waits for breakfast...

The dog guards his loved mother.

And the leaves finally turned a golden, red shade.

Yeay!!!! Free friday!
You better believe I'll enjoy that!
I'll pick up The Boy after school and we'll be together. That's it. That's grand.

I wish you a marvellous weekend. Make it special!


  1. Oooh floorball looks a little like Hockey! My son played hockey today and got a bang on the eye that came up like an egg on his head... poor thing.
    i too have noticed the autumn nip in the air. i took some photo's.