Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School

My Boy started school. I can't believe it.
I've already taken one son through 12 years of school and now: kabaaaam son number two starts and I didn't know what hit me.
We walked to school. I was very touched that The Boy had opted to use big brother's collected Harry Potter-item (he collected everything about Harry Potter when he was a child) - a backpack-schoolbag.

You get the picture: my big boy bought that backpack proud and pleased and ten years later his little brother chooses to use that very bag as schoolbag.
I thought that was it, that day, that was my nostalgic moment.

I was wrong!

It was not easy getting the backpack on...

Off we went.

Feeling excited!

In fact, it was this that got me, brought tears to my eyes:

It may not look it, but this was huge!

There he sat. My Boy! Listening to the principal talking, watching everything with big eyes.

Shaking hands with the principal...

The small class!

Yes, I felt a little ashamed of myself, feeling tears burning. I didn't see it coming and it never occurred to me, that I could react that way.


It was only yesterday he was a baby.
It was only yesterday The Big Boy started school.
Now it was another little boy starting school, walking with a schoolbag.
Last time the boy had brown curly hair and big brown eyes. 
This time the boy had fair curly hair and big blue eyes.

Life is overwhelming.

The hedgehog grounded us, after all the excitement, in the evening.


The Cosy Corner!!

Now, these guys just love this corner!

The "brothers".

What a splendid moment in time.

Love that son of mine.

He's being a good sport!

But often leans over to kidding around :-)

This one would sigh and wonder when the commotion would be over (and the boy gone!).

The new school boy all of a sudden begs to play Monopoly. He LOVES it!

And I enjoy his company and the time I get to spend with him. Fully aware of how time flies...

Oh, yeah, one more. 
For the road:

My boy.


Here we are, trying to adapt to being a "school kind of family" again, with gymnastics bag, log book, homework and what not. The Boy is thrilled, so we're pleased!

Charging for charge time tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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