Monday, August 15, 2011

"When the going gets tough..."

When the going gets tough, the tough get going...
Yeah, it's time to go back to work. I will be tough and I won't look back! I've done some working on my inner dialogue during these five weeks of vacation and now it's showtime.
I'm hoping you're all with me in spirit!

Having said that I'll marvel at how right my grandfather was when he concluded that the only thing in life we can be sure of, is that nothing ever turns out the way we think.
I suppose there's some comfort in that, aswell as a scare, of course...

I don't really have enough time on my hands today to give you an update on our weekend's adventure but I do have some instagrammies and an occasional regular photo for you.
I hope you'll enjoy!

Now, writing this, a dog wants some attention, a boy needs to be put to bed and a husband wants some on-the-couch-watching-a-movie time...

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going". 
I'm just sayin'.


The evening before we left The Boy took a bath practicing diving in the tub.
He managed to take a nasty fall and hence got some tougher practice than he bargained for...

Arriving the evening before the full day at the theme park, 
The Boy's best friend awaited!

Sweet reunion.

Walking to the theme park, the next day, we walked through the camping site.

Lots to see there too...

And now the instagrammies of the trip:

The evening before I chose to get ready by looking at our old photo that was part 
of a joke on our very wedding invitation!

On the road. A sliver of blue sky in all those clouds.

There's not much else to do than to instagram, at road trips 
in the passenger's side...

Chilling works too!

We're here. 
Our "street"!

Our very good friends were happy to see us, and we them!

Kiddos totally happy!!

Sitting outside rather late in the summer-goes-autumn evening.

Had you already guessed it? 
It's a COWBOY theme park :-)

A lone ranger taking the aim...

Tired folks stopping for something to drink.

BBQ in the evening.

Unusual silhouettes.

Going back again, after two nights away.

-Are we home soon?

Not so very far from our part of the universe, there was this very un-Scandinavian sign.
Felt like the theme park all over again!

You'll be presented the rest of the photos from our fantastic little trip to The Wild West, rest assured.
I can guarantee you that when the going gets tough - the tough get rough!

'Til then: have a good start of the week & howdy, folks!


  1. It's so hard getting back to work after time off, but at least you have some great memories!

    Oh and I put the baby birds back in their nest and I've since seen the momma bringing them food. :)

  2. Really enjoyed browsing your photos... Such a great family feel to them. I've added your blog to my list... Perhaps you would consider taking a look at mine too. ;-)

  3. Shirley: that's wonderful news! Yes, good memories to stop by over and over again :-)

    Jennie Louise: I can't see you among my followers?! Strange :-)
    I've looked your blog up - like it a lot!!

  4. What an absolutely beautiful family you have! Your vacation looks like SO much fun. I laughed about the diving in the bathtub : ) Kids are so cute and funny. I hope you adjust quickly to being back at work.

  5. Life with Kaishon: thank you for such sweet and kind remarks! :-) Kids are funny indeed!
    Adjusting to work is rarely a problem for me, it's an especially demanding period in my work life. But I'm getting there, thank you again!