Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm still standing!

Yes, I'm still standing...
"I'm still standing, better than I ever did. 
Looking like a true survivor.
Feeling like  a little kid".
/Elton John

Those lyrics sums it up, could have been about me. I dared something I didn't dare, did what I had to do, was brave when I was afraid. It paid off.
I don't think I have to tell you how good it feels? I feel great.
I mean honestly being able to say: I've got this! - that rocks.

In the cowboy theme park I also felt quite good. It was there for the taking!

My wonderful (adult) travel companions: good friend Penny, hubs and her husband, good friend Robert. (and: yes, hubs had to play the fool of course...)

The Kids played around. They bought cowboy hats and indian feathers but these babies they did not nag about getting. I wonder why?

Show watching, dancing with the music a little...


Overcoming hardships
Overcoming hardships is one of the biggest boosts there are in life. 
Thankfully life isn't full of them every day or every year but those times in life when you're in the middle of them are hard and tiring. 
I'm in such a process now and this week I had a giant victory and I feel so good about being brave enough and about being me. Doing things we dare not do is being brave and being successful in them builds your confidence. Ever so gently and slowly.
Life's good!

I guess this is how the indians used to celebrate victory, back in the day?
Way to go!

A cowboy/girl being in a cheerful mood, right in the middle of a fun day!

Whooops there.... an indian too...

Goldwashing time.

Father and son really getting in to it.

Finding gold!

To my boy, this was unexpected fun.

Everybody got into it.

I couldn't help noticing a tell tale autumn sign: Rowan-berries. But it's all good!

Maybe you can guess why I absolutely had to get this pic? It's hilarious and I laughed hard 
seeing these two weird looking cowboys. Ever heard of Laurel & Hardy? LOL!

Well, there's no mistaking our country's love for USA!

A different time, anyone?
It was nice strolling around in the old wild west, appreciating everything we do have that they didn't have back then and trying real hard to imagine what it was really like. 
The "Back to the future"-movies are tickling in that way that there could actually be a possibility to travel in time and get to live in another period for a week or so. 
Stuff that dreams are made of!

I'd love to get a week in the wild west, a week in the stone age and a week in the fifties. 
I'd like to say that all this bravery I'm beginning to master has made me so darn courageous that I'd take a week in the Jurassic period (I love dinosaurs and have loved them all my life) but maybe I'm not quite that brave. 

When would you go?

Wonderful seeing them enjoy themselves like this!

We boarded the oooooole train...

The conductor told us about the money that train was carrying. Wages for workers in a distant town.


Hands up, baby!
(one small child starting crying loudly and even my big boy asked it it was for real - the actors were that good)

After the nasty robbery where the thieves discarded my wedding ring, after trying to steal it,  a tasty Tequila came in handy. We opted to get that in Mexico!

Has Tequila and cider EVER tasted better, I ask you? Doubtful, will have to be the answer.

These are just-had-some-salt-Tequila-and-lemon lips. The Hubster captured them.



Wouldn't mind seeing some more of those in this country.

Like this cute one. Little bro sure knows how to get into character!

Cutest this year
Oh, I almost forgot to mention the cutest thing this year: The Boy dancing in the evening to the band playing cowboy music! 
The Boy danced with his friend and he moved as good as he could to the music (after repeatedly saying that he can't dance, we managed to talk him into trying) and it was so darn cute, there's no way I can explain it! He tramped one foot forward, pulled it back, stepped forward with the next and did so in high speed. All of a sudden he'd cross his arms over his chest and Kosack-dance, kicking his feet forward really really fast!!!!! Love that boy.


After rain, sunshine shows. 
After braving scary things, rest follows.
After having worried the head, ease comes.
After a crazy busy week, weekend comes like dessert after dinner.

And we don't have a thing booked!

Have a fab weekend ladies and thanks for your very sweet comments that really make me very happy!


  1. wow what a place, looks like fun especially for your son! Thanks for all your comments, I feel I should answer a few. We are trying to grow avocadoes, but it really is a bit cold for them in Tasmania, so it is probably a little optimistic. We got those nice big ones from the shop, they grow well in northern Australia! Daylight savings happens over summer, we put our clocks forward an hour to get more light at the end of the day.

  2. What time period would I travel too? Hummm... I'm a sucker for 40's style and I'd like to be a princess in King Henry VIII times (just for the day)
    Im glad life is good for you right now. ;-)
    jennie. x