Monday, August 22, 2011

Good things!

My town agrees with Miami
You got that right: my town concurs with Miami that it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.
"Autumn??  H*ll no!" it seems to say and threw a totally fab Saturday and Sunday our way, with strong winds and an even stronger sun.
It was so bright that my eyes kept flooding my make up away!
So: my bad.

The sun delivered huge time, this weekend. Tirelessly it kept on shining 'til 9PM.

Life is just filled with good things!
A few days ago my firstborn called me - yes, he called me - and you better believe I was happy!
So happy I cried those famous happy tears after the conversation. Later in the evening he sent me a text also and I can assure you that that night I went to bed feeling invincible and boosted to a 1000%.
The Big Boy told me he is proud of me and that he loves me. I rest my case!

Well, I may brag about my ability to cherish every day but this guy beats me at that game. 
Every day, no one rejoices like he does!

He excels in fetching his snutting blanket, chasing after me...

Look at him go!!

Killing the blanket first...

Huh? Are you taking my picture?

People make the world go round
Kelle got me thinking about friendship the other day and certain people in my life reminded me of the "wing women" that I've come across over the years.
People make the world go round.
Without my friends I would be lost. So very lost. They hold my hand when I need them to (even if it is always through the computer screen or iPhone), they cheer me ahead of time and catch me when I fall, after difficulties. They're my stars and my shimmering.

I have three "wing women" in my life also. Women who provided extraordinary help in extraordinary times.
Women have saved my life, more than once.

My dog, actually, seems to do it too. Seeing him always warms my heart and makes me intensely happy.
I have so much to learn from him! He knows how to celebrate life. He knows for sure that every day is a favorite day. Heck, every minute is a favorite minute to him!

Behold this!

By the way: I LOVE the new lens. Gosh, how it delivers.

Gloomy no more!
I'm well aware that I might have come across as gloomy last week and life is like that: you have your easy weeks and your harder weeks. In work life there never is a telling how things will be for long.

However - this is a blog about my private time and let me tell ya': getting off the train late in the evening, after work, the other day was plain paradise!
The ocean was a dark blue-green color, it was kind of busy but in the small marina next to the train station the boats lay still.
The air was filled with a salt scent and on the other side of town I could barely see a sunset disappearing behind the very hill we live on.
Hard not to get high on life in such a surrounding.

On a day like that, the return from work, getting off the train, meant my favorite day.
I had almost given up on the notion that every day could be just that, but the salty air saved it!!

So, Saturday came with Military Tattoo!

News to The Boy!

They couldn't have asked for better weather.

Cheerful and up!

My boy, my love.

I've realized why I love instagram so much: the randomness.
I have mostly added strangers and I just love seeing snapshots of their lives, their everyday-lives and their friends.
I like the thought of not knowing who they are or what they're like, only seeing that they're happy, on a Friday night, on their way out for some fun.
Just love it!
I guess it's like being out in a big city surrounded by smiling faces of strangers, feeling connected but still private. Feeling I'm in my tiny part of the world but still on a metropolitan planet.
Almost eerie but nonetheless amazing!

Well, happy I ordered. Happy, I got!

My town. My love.

Yes, my eyes were flooded but the hubster never sees it, 
so I took my own photo when no mirror was available.

The old routines reminds of autumn, coming up.....

Yes, yes - still summertime!

My bad indeed.

People sure did use the beautiful town for enjoying the Saturday!

This sign tells of the new exhibit at the museum:
"That's how you shall live: consider life's shortness, the certainty of death and the length of eternity" 
it says! Right up my alley.

A bird busy carpe diem:ing.

Don't you agree that animals seem so much better at this whole thing, than we are?!

The cutie pie!

Enjoying the small things indeed! Just seeing this beauty made me content.

It was very windy and sister had some trouble sticking to the flower.

High on Saturday bliss.

The best time!


It's Monday again. It's inevitable: after weekend Monday shows.
I hope you'll all have a really good start of the week and that this heaven sent summer stays a little longer, now that it has come back.

So: keeping my fingers crossed for some more good things, hence!


  1. you have instagram? me too- are we friends yet on there? i'm "betterthancupcakes" :) it is addicting, isn't! oh, and i love your coffee table, it has such nice lines! and you are doing an awesome job capturing with the new lens!

  2. Thank you sweet Abra! You make me so happy :-)
    I've looked you up on instagram!

    Yeah, I fell utterly in love with that coffee table and bought it even though the hubs just don't like it... ;-D