Monday, August 8, 2011

Day four of our trip: Favorite Times

Trying to report the trip and the happenings!
I will make an effort in this post, to choose and not make such a long post. Don't know how it will turn out...

The Boy kept up the fish feeding procedure every day!

Roche Rock. Very old and a mystery to the scientists still.

Into the van again.

A Favorite Day
I don't mind telling you that this day was A Favorite Day indeed!
Seeing strange old buildings (a thousand years old or more!), walking a forest that was nothing short of a jungle, seeing a beautiful waterfall and ending the day with one of the most gorgeous scenic place of all times.
If I count the "ooooohs" or the times I was in awe at this trip it should outnumber the times I was disturbed by work issues.
Thank God for that!
I absolutely love being in awe. The total focusing on something remarkable, the oblivion of everything else around me and the 100% positive feeling is better than anything else. Being in awe is oh, so good!

Now this is a dog in awe over The Boy, nice to be adored for once!

My Boy present enough to smell the flowers, 
gives me a good feeling about his future.

Who'd come up with that idea anyway?

Jungle-looking I tell you!!

Oh, and the sun! Adament to keep me awe:ing all day through...

I help The Boy get around without getting his feet wet.

This place was used for remembering dead loved ones. This was a money tree.
(don't quite know how that cherishes them but the place was filled with notes of good byes)

Jane and her Tarzan.

Tintagel is a cosy town that has King Arthur's castle on top. Lucky Tintagel!

It also has Clotted Cream Cornish Ice Cream.

Walking the looooooooooooong way up, up, up to the castle.

Yes, I'm capable too.

And: yes, That Boy kept playing, smiling, running, jumping and not-complaining! (awe, again)

The tide had come in, so we were too late to climb into Merlin's cave.

How 'bout that color eh?

I'm actually this pleased with this favorite day!

My darling hubs captures me here.

Ever playing...

OK, let's get this walking show on the road!

Can you believe that boy? He's up!

So's the hubs.

King Arthur's Castle. What's left of it.

Son and father side by side. 

It was high. 
High like dinner-on-48th-floor-in-NY-in-september-2010-kind of high..!

But that didn't discourage me. No it didn't!

Son and mom. All, all, all is good. Perfect, actually.

I love.

I can't get over it - no whining, no complaining. That's my boy!

Deserved his gifts.

Acted exhausted. I love the way he jokes!

Bye bye Tintagel, hope to see you again some day!

Hello Trebarwith! 
Here we come, not regretting it for a minute.

Apparently daddy deserved a kiss.

Apparently I deserved the ocean, at its best.

The big blue
What is it with the ocean? Why do most of us love it so? Lighthouses, boardwalks, beaches, waves, cliffs, the tide, the calm, boats cutting the edge.
It's love, it's needing it. I need it. In fact I often feel I need nothing else.

A heartfelt "thank you" to Lee for taking us here. Too.

The tide did move in on me. Big time!

I could enjoy a coffee at that pink balcony. Any day. Every day.

A Favorite Photo. 
Me, my man and our lovechild. It's a closed circle and it's life. Family.

I'd LOVE to!

I think I'll ask to stay here...

Another Favorite Day goes down in history. It's a good thing so many Favorite Days are lined up, out there for the taking. I treasure my life and all that's good in it. I look in to my sons' eyes and know that I have a purpose. A soul purpose. 
I pick up my dog after a week away from him and my chest is all of a sudden warm as a light bulb under a blanket.
There it is: love and when you feel it you'll be fine.


  1. Sould I write in english? ;)
    Underbara bilder!! Så vackert! Det måste varit en sagolik upplevelse!
    Hoppas sommaren varit bra! Och varmt Välkommen att följa mig på min nya blogg. :)

    Kram Mia

  2. Klart du inte behöver skriva på engelska!!!
    Tack för dina väldigt rara ord. Jag kommer absolut att kika in hos dig med jämna mellanrum :-)
    Välkommen att göra detsamma, om du vill!

    Kram tillbaka.