Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family, Friends & Fun!

Jackdaws are something of an autumn sign, I think.
Walking the dog after work, Monday, they came in a large pack above me, making their characteristic sounds and even though I've stated I want summer to go on forever, I felt really happy seeing them. And hearing them!

I guess I can dig it: autumn making its way into our lives again.

So, we went theme park:ing. "High Chaparall" is a fab Wild West Town where a whole lot happens!

Cosy it was and it got us speculating what life might have been like back in those days.

Our boy liked it even before we walked in...

Moms and kids, all geared up!

The Boy did quite some looking and there sure was a lot to take in.

Best to practice a little...


He was a very cute cowboy!

There are folks in our country that go all in, in this cowboy thing. They live it, dress it, talk it, walk it and party it a few weeks each summer at this place. They had the american cars, the flags, everything. 

At first I was surprised and thought it a little sad that someone would escape their own lives in order to "play" another existence but then I was impressed that they would do that, no matter what people think.

Hey, if you love playing cowboy a few weeks a year: knock yourself out! Go for it!!

My boy went for it and he can't wait to go back either.

The hubster could have made it back then.

The only question, I guess, is if I'm tough enough for the wild west?

My friend and my husband. Good day with loved ones!

I kinda like this guy :-)

The shows were great and The Boy ever so pleased with them!

Aiming is important.

It's this: seeing that happiness in those eyes. That is a favorite thing.

I love that he closed his eyes directly when the shot got off, the caps were loud!

This cowgirl knew what she was doing!

Or, what say you?!

The husbands. Looking maybe a little more funny than handsome? (I'm just askin')

Friends, Family & Fun
It is actually a real break leaving home, traveling only some hours away, still being in the same country but in another universe, nonetheless. I felt the shift and I loved it. New environment, new experiences and time together, not only with family but with friends too, is good for the soul. 
We treasure our dear sweet friends so much and I'm very happy that we've got to spend time with them four times this summer - that's just grand!

Not hard to get into the mood.

The cutie pies!

It was showtime!

Oh boy, was I in a good mood!!

The kids didn't care much for the waiting periods...

They found alternate occupations.

Hectic and loud show!

Some quite good stunt jobs!

Celebrating the beloved USA, cheering their Wild West.

And celebrating another country. Scandi one!

Being lucky
So, there I go again being convinced that there are few things in life that friendship isn't a remedy for. I'm so thankful for our wonderful friends, my caring husband and the happiest kid! I don't know what I would do without them?
In fact, in the car going back home I cried happy tears that I'm so darn lucky in life to have my sons, my husband and the very good friends that I have. That is the only wealth I'll ever need.

Having said that, I'll just state that I'll be seeing you in the Wild West again, come Friday. Until then I do hope you'll have a great second part of the week.

Tomorrow it's charge time again, for me...


  1. lovely shots of your little cowboy!!
    I love Autumn... my favourite season.
    Jennie. x

  2. Thanks Jennie!
    Autumn was always my favorite too but since moving to the south, with a vacation feeling going on, BIG time, I came to not want it to end....

    But now I actually long for autumn :-)