Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Being in the moment

In. The. Moment. For. Real.
I just came in from jogging with my dog. It was a warm, still evening with a spectacular sky and a subtle scent of summer.
A leaf fell right in front of us, though, speaking its own language...

Saturday, just waiting for the coffee to be ready and blogging some, I thought:
-Hey, it's time to just be in the moment!

This boy is good at it. Here he's dancing in the grocery store!

I stopped typing and started listening, looking and feeling.
I heard The Boy making cute laughing sounds from the living room, where he watched a Scooby Doo-movie, the coffee maker making it's very special sound that always tells of a treasured moment coming right up!
The clock was ticking, old people style, and to my right I could see and enjoy the "New York"-sign I bought in NY 10,5 months ago. Yes, it's sitting in the kitchen just looking good, reminding me of the best time in my life.

Outside I saw trees bending in the rather strong wind and bright sunlight lick the garden and our entrance.
To my left I could see the dog, forever watching over me.
This was truly being in the moment and the feeling was good as the moment was very good indeed.
It's the little things, tiny things like observing what's around you, that are for free and being offered all the time that you can use to somehow capture life to the fullest.

What else is there, really, besides that?

Tiny and glorious.

Work of art.

I keep saying it, and it keeps being true: this is one of the best things -
coffee and a cupcakes in the garden.

Hubs finally really busy on the fence. I've dreamed of a white picket fence all my life!

Oh, I nearly forgot: the scent of the cup cakes we baked earlier this summer, as they had reached the right temperature in the oven, now ready to be eaten outside in a kind of hot garden!

What did I say? Being in the moment, eh?

The Boy being influenced. I hope!

I put together a new little corner in the living room. Where the ethanol lantern sits.
I put a sheep rug and some big pillows there for a cosy feel. I didn't think anyone would ever use it, so did have doubts about the whole thing. How wrong was I? 
The dog loved it.

The Boy loved it too, so it stays!

The grapes are just about to reach their right color.

Well, it sure is coming together!

Successful boy!
My boy started his after-school-daycare last week.
Without knowing a soul he went there, to a place he had never been before (there was some kind of mix-up, that's why the start was so weird).
I was a little worried, I must admit, and with practically no time on our hands we had to leave him there, hoping everything would be OK.
And it was!
I'm so proud of my boy! He got to know brand new friends, new teachers, new temps and play new games and with new toys. Here's the perk: he liked it!

I got some snapshots of our little area of attached houses on a sunny Saturday.

See the moon?

Yours truly, being in - and loving - the moment.

Our little neighborhood.

We appreciate it!

And what's not to love about that glorious sun, eh?!

This moment I mainly enjoy the fact that our boy is doing so well and enjoying so much, at that new place. It feels almost heaven sent, that very fact. He is growing from his experiences and the experiences are all so new to him.

Wednesday is already here - go figure! Have a good rest of the week and please remember: be in every moment!


  1. Well i just LOVE that photo of your yawning dog next to the fluffy rug... brilliant.
    I wish I had more 'moments' like the ones you describe. lovely.

  2. Yeah, that dog just melts my heart! He loves the sheep rug so much, it's rally cute that he enjoys it!
    Yes, it was a good moment. Must try to get more of them...!