Saturday, October 22, 2011

Feelin' the Saturday bliss!

And so it lands, it sums up, kicks off and just shines right where it's at:
Saturday bliss!
The Saturday started with jogging for me and now I sit here feelin' all sweaty and pleased. The dog looks like he feels the same way...

The week was good and I am thankful for that.

It's freezing here at this time of year. Going up early last Sunday for floorball, I captured frost.

And of course that is all beautiful!

The Boy is a bit surprised and unprepared but he agrees that it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Awe, sweet awe.

The floorball thing
The floorball thing is all good. The Boy has never loved sport more than this and he's all jumping around, running and almost-dancing going there and being there.
Fun to see something sit as well as that!

Outside the sports arena fall amazes the eye.

Jumping Jack getting all in.

He means business and actually ran so fast, at one point, that he tipped over the rail and in to where the audience sits. Just like you see hockey players do when you watch a high stakes game. Looked like he might break his back and all the audience just froze and you could hear the:

He was up again in no time, though.

Afterwards they had to wait while the local newspaper geared up to take their team-pics!

If you're the parent of a six year old, you know this truth: waiting is never fun!

My little angel.

The team!

The end of the practice.

Yeah, there it is!!

Home to play after.

The love herbs are still in bloom.

Garden times still
The garden still is in need, as far as spring goes. 
I'm not the type to make the super effort in the garden (obviously, since my effort is family, working, commuting and blogging - no time left as the day only has 24 hours!) but some crocus and tulips, come spring time, is so comforting and hopeful and I made sure to manage the time to put some of those in the soil before the "perm frost" (!) arrives..! 

I dug deep in the freezer and found some more of those summer gems. 
Enjoyable in the sun, outside in October.

Beautiful October.

To sit down, while it's "already dark outside", with lit candles and play with my son is totally wonderful.

I leave you with this, The Most Gorgeous Sky ever. 

I didn't believe it, seeing it right before I took off for work the other day. I was already late but photographing this was more important. 
Rightfully so. 

Now I'll let the Saturday sweep me off my feet with its adventures and surprises. I can't wait!
Have a splendid one, all of you!


  1. Wow you have had frost already... None yet for us. But soon.
    We don't play floorball in UK but we do play hockey... So it's similar.
    Don't the boys look all little when they play inside a sports hall.... Awwww.
    lovely morning sunshine you had... I've just taken some of sunsets last few days... I will upload them shortly. I'm off to a wedding tonight. have a lovely weekend.

  2. Happy Saturday!! Your boy is so cute :)