Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I had only prepared the photos of this post and meant to put text to it last night.
I fell asleep putting The Boy to bed, so this post went ahead, on its own ;-)

That's for sure impromptu, which I like! (beware: I've altered between Mac and PC in this post, now, so everything looks weird.)

Fall's here as far as decorations go, too. I love it!

The Boy often gets wounds on those fast running legs of his...
Oh, sweet sunshine! I'll let you give testament to my frame of mind.

The Boy is always thrilled when he has collected some of his very own money and gets to go spend it!

What's wrong with the evening lady?Yes indeed, what's wrong with the evening lady? you might wonder. She proclaims to love evenings, have a glass of wine, grab the hours that are there for the taking. And what not?!
Rest assured, she's still here!
She has, however, found that going to bed as early as 8 PM has its unquestionable perks and has done so for three straight evenings. The result is a very energized morning/day lady that feels better and more assured, at work.
Those of you who are regulars, know that that's a thing of beauty right now.

"Morning has broken. Like the first morning."

Since my blogging here has started to mean that I really notice "the small things", I've come to think that small things really are big things. The Biggest Things, even.

That little boutique of delicious things, I talked about Monday. Heaven in the harbour, I must say!

I could buy it all...

Must try these, one day!

To further sweaten the Saturday deal, we topped off with "fika" at our usual place!

Cosy, calm, secure and always welcoming.

My boy loves the place and the mood so much, it really is his second home. I so wish I could stop time, just because I want those great guys to live on forever and stay there forever. It's all just perfect!
Look at this owner-ice-cream-boy interaction...!!

Off we go.

Our hood still looks good!

Some trees have dropped 99% of their leaves.

Coming back home after the outing, this bloke slept kind of hard, waking up with a moustache displaced...

The Ivy blooms now, apparently.

Walking and talking
How come walking and talking is never better than during fall time? It's as if it was made just for that.
Well, this weekend we did a lot of it and it was as glorious as it was simple.

Perfect times in a (almost) perfect life. I miss The Old Son a lot but he's always with me in spirit.
And often in the iPhone!

Pausing. Building a pyramid.

Back in the saddle again!

Yeah: gorgeous time of year.

Painfully beautiful.

So, now the excentric blog post that posted itself, "while I was asleep" is completed with text!
It felt funny realizing it was already out there, being all weird and un-correct, only photos and weird letters like KLFDSA.... :-D
I can only hope that you got the little error and liked it anyway!!!

Have a grand Wednesday, y'all!


  1. You take such beautiful photos, I love the one of the pumpkin. Those English Biscuit tins are ridiculously cute!

  2. Hazel: oh, thank you so much! That makes me really happy.