Saturday, October 15, 2011

Autumn goes all in!

All in
I kid you not: when this week made an entrance, all kind of summery feelings were gone!
It's freezing out there. White air flows out of your mouth when you breathe and when you bike home from the train late in the evening? You feel the ears might blow up like a bomb, out of freezing injury.

As I said: I kid you not!

There was supposed to be an all lit up sky the other day, late. Hubs and I went outside for the asteroid show...

Nope. Just a street light.

Unusual and cosy, being out on our path late at night together!

Hubs and dog going inside for the binoculars, still anticipating asteroids.

I captured the staircase.

Autumn is cosy, without a doubt.

I actually captured a regular, but strongly shining star!

I went in so The Boy wouldn't be all alone up in his room. Hubs and dog kept searching...

Blue, no more
We never saw any asteroids that night. I did see, however, that a friend wrote on her Facebook wall that she saw it. So it was actually there!

Asteroids and freeze aside, how was the past week? I did say I'd breathe in and heaven knows, Monday morning I did. After that I had a good week. That kind of good (work) week where you do hard things and  manage them better than well. That builds you up and hence I feel as un-blue now as I felt blue last week!

Thanks again for your cheers! They're being loved here.

A good sight, to melt a heart.

And another one. My husband. My best friend. My coach!

Now, this is a dog who's a serious beggar and knows how it should be done!

Spending time together is da shit!

Mends any soul, longing.

He goes all in, begging.



Our last dog (dearly missed) could "sit beautifully" to get a treat. 
Little did I know Funkie mastered this skill...

He even "stands beautifully"!

The Boy goofs off.

A regular morning in our home.

An extraordinary Friday evening, last night. This is what took priority over updating this blog last evening. So worth it!

And the week's instagrams:

Working from home, I had my coffee in my favorite mug!
Cheers me up every time, since it brings memories of the time of my life.

I enjoyed his company.

In the garden.

Walking home with The Boy. Yes, there was sun, even this week.

I shopped for some plants that will bloom this spring.

... got to dreaming of?
Yeah, you guessed it: Miami!!

The Boy and I cooked together and it was wonderful!

American pancakes at the local favorite!

Some Saturday candy!

I'm an evening lady.

The Boy went to a party!

Morning sweetness, going to work.

Time to set the alarm...

Still beautiful.

Still lovely.

Still great cooking.

Yeah, "still" going on, are a lot of good things.
"Still" as in calm, is my formerly weary soul, this gorgeous Saturday.
For it is gorgeous! Today is sunny, clear, free and happy. For sure.

And I'm proud to say that I'm here to grab it to the fullest.
If autumn goes all in these days, so do I.

Have a happy weekend, great dear friends out there!

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  1. ohhh bad luck about not seeing the asteroids... I saw a shooting star cluster once in Wales on the top of a mountain. It was strikingly beautiful.
    I love seeing photos of your family.. Your son is so cute, your dog so friendly and a little beggar for sure, heheeee.. And your husband, yes your friend and coach indeed.
    Super fun pics of your doggy at the table licking the crumbs - I laughed hard.
    Hope you have enjoyed your weekend . Back to work tomorrow. Keep smiling.
    Jennie. X