Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Light up my life!

Come, dazzle me
As previously stated: Friday was proud to start the weekend and after Friday a glorious Saturday took up the challenge to dazzle!

Walking the walk again: down town.

Riding the bike again. This has turned into a favorite thing to do!

The sun sure did dazzle and presented a pure hundred percent summer day. In October!


Walking during autumn is magnificent.

And I allowed myself to get dazzled, I was game.

Which made for happiness!

So, wiping that grin off my face was impossible and I smiled away, all day.
All play and no work can do that to you!

Falling in love with a town is serious business and lasts for quite a while.

Market time. Every Saturday all year through. During winter 1-2 brave merchants and in summer: 30-40. This passed Saturday? I'd say at least 25!

"When I fall in love, it will be completely, or I'll never fall in love..."

Inside one of my personal favorite stores!

And inside Marcus' all time favorite.

And our most loved café where we make ourselves right at home.

The sounds were of summer. 
Water falling, people laughing and the waitress asking who ordered number 14?

The temperature was of summer. 
In plain english: it was darn hot!

The scents were summery.
Flowers, apples and coffee.

The feeling was summery.
My heart was overflowing with joy, seeming like a thousand butterflies in my chest!

How can you not be blown away?

This is a true masterpiece.

The owners spoil this boy and give him an ice cream every time we visit. The Boy loves it!

Shopping never was perkier...

Lunch at our country's answer to Mc Donald's.

The playful soul.

Love in the eyes.

Yes indeed, the day's second ice cream for The Boy..!

Knowing me you now know this is the part where I get all excited about "Charge Time"!
Yes, it's coming right up, tomorrow.
Thursday is when I sit by my computer at work and feel those very butterflies again, visiting. Just starting out, like tiny bubbles inside.
I love longing and Thursday is when I start longing for the weekend.

But today is Wednesday!
The day that both ends part 1 of the week and starts part 2.
I hope you'll prove to have a fab one! 

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