Monday, October 10, 2011

How to make lemonade, out of lemons...

So, I went all in for some lemonade this weekend!
How did I do? I'd say I did better than could be expected.

I learned that in order to be totally relaxed, having my mind on the right things instead of the wrong ones, I must be glued to my camera.
Finding beauty to capture with the lens is The Only Thing that allows me to feel butterflies, under certain extraordinary situations in life.
And when the things I do capture are my son, the dog, the husband or nature - I feel happiness in the moments.

Another way...
Another way to make lemonade out of lemons is to pick your grapes, smash them up real hard and boil them.
No other parallels to be drawn into some sort of real life intended. Not at all....

Smashing them up, real good.

Boiling them.

Why not make a stew at the same time, I ask you?

With a little luck the lemons turn out to sweet lemon(marmel)ade in the end.

Not caring how the kitchen looks, is liberating!

Saturday evening is here. The home is a wonderful place to be.

Magic in the sky, this week.

Yes, it sure is unbelievable!! Lemonade for sure.

And a new day dawns.

One should, without a doubt, be able to turn it in to something as beautiful.

Not only do I love birds, I envy them their freedom and their swooshing by, playfully!

A popsicle after school is never ever a bad idea.

Neither is baking!

And a third way
Sitting on the couch, computer in my lap, boy on the floor playing and just being together, watching an old Bond-movie from the eighties is another wonderful lemonade to make out of those sour lemons.
I'm just sayin'!

More amazing skies.

I fail to find the right words. But "awe" comes to mind and as previously stated: awe, is a good thing.

Yeah - they're still going very strong indeed!!

Sun was no stranger this week.

All living creatures seem to enjoy a little carpe diem.

And I am in love with October.

And a last one:
Being able to be enthusiastic is both my biggest pride and the least that's demanded in order for me to be in an acceptable mood. Blue, being non-acceptable.
This passed week and weekend I realized that if I can only be excited/enthused  for a second here and there, it still makes all the difference.
To see a pink sky, capture a leaf that's stunning. It fills me with a second of love and joy and as long as there's that I think I'll be OK.
And there was that. Always that.
The weekend offered quite a few of those moments, thankfully.


Lemonade (being able to ignore it, I mean).

The Boy and I went out and found lemons...

... that we then turned into lemonade!

Monday's here.
I inhale deeply for the upcoming week. I know I will prevail in my intentions of making it a good one.
Bottom line: it's only up to me.

I wish you all the best!
Thanks for your thoughtful comments - they mean the world!


  1. Oh good luck with your lemonade (marmalade) ! I don't know how to make it but yours looks real good. :-)
    I'm glad to see you have cheered up and there is a smile on your face again. How can these autumn colours not fail to make us smile.
    I absolutely love your red door and colourful leaf/berry decoration... Whimsical and pretty.
    Jennie. X

  2. Jennie: thank you ever so much, for cheering me on! Yes, the smile is back and the leaves sure are helping :-)
    The marmalade was my first try at that at all - so we were all surprised at the outcome ;-D
    (but: a word of warning - grapes aren't the best "berries" to make marmalade of, there is some small kind of very special after-taste. Not bad taste, just different!)