Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday snapshots!

Not all is happy happy always here and this work week was ended with some blue emotions.
Blue needs to be here in order to be the contrast to pink. Blue needs to be here to point out how happy life is when blue's gone...

So, here's to blue! I'll be in it and I'll love to leave.

This electricity cabinet in our town is quite original and creative!

Not blue: yellow. And gorgeous!

Heaven in a nutshell.

A thousand bees buzzing hard as an airplane.

It picks me up, this beauty. It really does!

Our sweet dog Funkie became a proud 9 year old, Saturday. We celebrated duely.

I love him and his happiness - that is without end - and if anything puts joy in my heart when I'm a little blue it's him and his eyes.

I mean: honestly?!!
And those are the "I love mommy"-eyes!!

He opened his birthday gift with quite some flare and enthisiasm!

I know I keep vowing to avoid talk about my work here and lord knows that I try! But since it is the larger part of each day it is darn impossible to not let it affect me and to not mention it here. Especially when it fails to be a positive influence.
At the same time this blog cannot only be the happy parts in life, it would be utterly boring.

So: taking the famous lemons and making lemonade out of them, is what I aim for this weekend.
I shall prevail!

This has very suddenly become a favorite lemonade: the bedroom.
No, not like that but since the hubster bought the TV? Showtime!

I have reached some kind of horrified love-hate relationship to spiders, since moving here.
This summer spiders almost took over our house and garden, maybe because of the the constant raining?

Their webs are absolutely gorgeous in raindrops. Maybe there's some kind of lesson to be learned here? I can sense that there is but I can't really form it in my head...

An october garden ain't half bad at all!

Thank you spiders for creating this excellent beauty!

Fall, sweet fall. I couldn't exist without you. Fall brings it to me real. Every year.

Sunday brought humid grey colors.


Funkie loves a grey fall day!

Raw beauty. I sense a lesson again...

In the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is everywhere, all the time.
My companion in this life. Love him endlessly.

Yes, Sunday came and with it the promised picking of the grapes.

A constant pick-me-up!

Today I present no answers, only questions and sensations. I, who am rarely blue, try to feel the emotions, try to reason with myself with curiosity and interest.


instagrams for you:

The Boy made a wonderful police drawing, complete with police dog, helicopter and what not?!

A sight for sore eyes, a splendid evening in my very own life.

And one for sore souls.

Shopping, I happened upon this exhillirating sight!

Dinner out together with my family (sans The Big Son): heaven!!

Blue making a statement? The sum of the evening was 666...

Home is where the heart is. My heart is here.

H*ll yeah: I took some sour grapes and made.... maramalade!

That tasted divine, I tell you!

Self portrait in our car.

One evening The Boy and I found ourselves in the middle of an orange twilight evening.
It was like stepping into a dream in a movie - like "Vanilla sky". It was surreal. It was beautiful.

Evening snuggle with the boy's feet in my lap.

Commuting. Sometimes seems never ending.

I'm a Mac-lover and an iPhone-lover. RIP.

And with that, I realize that it sums something. Creation and the energy of that and then an ending.
Blue, needing to exist in order to make way for something lighter, brighter. And in order for me to enjoy the lighter, brighter.
I'll let this weekend be all about making lemonade!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy birthday Funkie! he looks like he enjoys presents! Absolutely gorgeous photos Anna, I hope you feel less blue this weekend, and that work gets better soon.

  2. Awww it's not like you to feel low, but we all have those days (read my lastest blog post - we have been feeling similar)
    {{ hugs }} when it rains and the gloom appears it alwasy makes me feel a little low, but you know soon it will be Halloween and Christmas -- great for kiddies !
    I have to say that i love your photo's of the spiders webs - the one with the red background is great !!
    Cute doggy, pets will always de-stress and lighten up your life. Jennie. x

  3. That really stinks that work has got you down. :( At least you have so many wonderful things to brighten your spirits at home! The spider web pictures are amazing!!