Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The sky's the limit!

Yes, why not aim high, eh?!
These days it seems that whenever I aim my gaze to the sky I see a fantastic work of art. When I see less of the ocean I particularly enjoy the sky.

And speaking of aiming for the sky: hubs is away at a business trip, so aiming for the sky goes for a lot of activities this week.

Fall always makes me long to cook. Meatballs in the making here.

And here.

Done. Tasted great!

Evening sky.

Glorious, fabulous, wonderful, beautiful and perfect.

'Twas time to throw some garbage away. Our little helper did a great job.

Father and son. Warms my heart.

Fall showing off!

Now this couple is in for some fun: Saturday candy-shopping, café:ing and being together!

There's nothing I'd rather do on a Saturday.

My heart!

Eager by the counter.... Will Anders see him? Will Anders present him with an ice cream?
(yes, of course Anders saw and of course he came through in the ice cream department!)

Maybe not even the sky is the limit? Well, it sure is beautiful:

This, I cannot believe!

The moon seems so close.

The cosiness of our home. When fall is all of a sudden all around.

The cocooning begins
It is here now, the season where we cuddle up inside, we digest all the goings on of summer and we cocoon together and enjoy calmness of a new dimension. 
Summer's the season for being outdoors, being active, staying up late and socializing and fall is for being more laid back, picking up where winter left off half a year ago. 

I love the stews, the TV-series that come back, the hugging watching a DVD-box at night with The Husband and lighting candles everywhere.
We recuperate after a hectic summer and at the same time we start the slow charging for the next one.
 (the one where we will find time to do all those things we somehow didn't find time to do this summer - I can't believe it came and went so fast?!)

This I love seeing.

And this! The Boy knows how to get comfy.

I hope the first part of the week treated you good!
We're in for part two, it starts today. I'm glad we've made it this far!!

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