Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, sweet Monday!

Since the weekend was enjoyable, to say the least, I'm willing to bet that Monday will be very good!
Autumn may be all in, but during the weekend it was generous with sunshine. I don't think the sun even left once.
We wanted to take advantage, of course, hence a pretty outdoor kind of weekend. Just the way I like it!
And the camera tagged along.

Down by the marina beauty was everywhere.

"Kiss" is as good a name for a boat as any!

I love the smooth feeling when you see people enjoying themselves all around. 
Chilling, smiling - that's a good Saturday.

It was as if someone pressed "pause" for the day. It was that calm and that soft.

Those old silo-buildings never looked better, I dare say.

The world sort of shifts as soon as I take the step down from the train, going home from work. I feel that the most Fridays, since I then know that the two upcoming days will take place in a totally different universe: our small coastal town's very unique universe!
The pace is slower, people look at ease and and the sea breeze is always walking next to you.
You see the same faces every now and then and that's not something that can be said for the city where I work.
Shifts are good. Mondays I shift back into work mode and usually, in my life, that presents no problem.

This is a very free and very happy spirit. That I happen to love soooo much!

He's also quite the kidder!

This day there was no breeze at all. There was a distinct scent of algae however.

It's like the ocean puts him into an invincible state of mind. 
And quite some energy in the legs!

Now, one would think that living like this would spoil you but no. I appreciate it every single time.

I'm in love with this. I could never live far from the ocean again.

This is the most central beach in town. The small beach.


My most recent favorite pic! I'm quite pleased with the capture.

Yeah, my eyes get teary as soon as it's sunny. There's nothing I can do.

And why we never found time to sit here, with an ice cream, this past summer I don't know!

A day in the life. And what a splendid day!

I'm happy that he gets to live his life here, in this gem of places in the world.

And I'm happy there's a "he".

No, there has not been a shark attack! The algae colors the ocean pink here.

Looks weird and great!

Like a perfect day.

Look here: The Boy takes a piece of candy from the plastic bag (we bought sweet tasting candy in a small goodie shop that I will show you this upcoming Wednesday!).

Still I'm in the middle of the Sunday, writing this. 
I hear The Boy playing with his friend, I see the hubster working in the garden where I just worked side by side with him and I sum up the weekend so far. It has been good. It has passed quickly. Sometimes I allow myself to be spooked by that mere fact.
It passes eerily fast.
The only conclusion that is to be made is that we better be darn careful to capture every moment, every beautiful little thing. There really is nothing else.

Have a terrific Monday! Capture the morning dew, the lunch break and the afternoon glory. Then let the evening embrace you like the blanket it is.


  1. Ohhh to live by the seaside, it must be wonderful. I am about 30 miles from the beach so I don't get there that often. We go regular in the summer though and I have a house in Wales right near the beach. You have made me want to go again soon, before the winter sets in.
    Your photos are lovely in this post, especially the sea glistening like diamonds and the yachts are superb subjects to photograph. I went to a Food and Drink Festival this weekend with my family, the weather was fine... I was sad to see the weekend end.
    Glad you've had a good weekend.
    Jennie. X

  2. Jennie: yes, living by the ocean is wonderful and that's why I chose to live here, despite my long commute hours...!