Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer, summer, summertime!

Real Will Smith style "Summertime"...
Yeah, it's finally here - I'm finally feeling it: vacation and summertime!

The day was filled with only impromptu happenings right from the get go when a good friend (new friend) called from a nearby plantation/café and wanted me and my family to join them. We did, of course, and the day started out perfectly and kept on moving upwards from there...!

I try to get here, evenings nowadays...

A cherished great and wonderful new friend who I share a lot with. Not only do we have similar jobs, we are similar too. We had a wonderful afternoon together with our families!

The beaches is "da shit" of course around these parts. We finally got around to some beaching, thanks to The Boy who wouldn't give in - he wanted to go to his favorite beach!

I ususally have some trouble choosing what photos to publish and what photos to keep just for us, or simply unpublished. Today vacation mode got me, even on that account 'cuz I simply couldn't choose.... Hence, there are a whole lot of pics today, so I'll go easy with the words instead.

Premiering my new bathing suit. I really wanted one of those gorgeous fifties' looking american style suits but I guess that fashion hasn't reached Europe yet? I hope it will.

Oh, yeah - I bought a whole ensemble, with the sarong and all...!

I can't get over this boy: he's totally unaffected of the lesser temperature!!

We're finding time to feel love :-)

Well, I sure am brave enough to be on me knees here. Yay!

The Boy loves getting company bathing. Mama's boy...

I was totally in the moment. Loved the moment.

Well, a photo sure says it better than 1000 words: the beach is f u n !!!!

... and if you bring an iPad: unbeatable!

Tiny coastal village
Last time we had a meal at one of our favorite places it was a  misty day and early spring, now: a different story!

This place does things to you. Not only can you take the hike up to an ancient sight where both my grandparents had their last goodbyes, at the funerals for them, you can get terrific fresh fish or just darn good coffee. 
The little harbor in the little coastal village is cute and friendly and forever inspiring, so you never leave in the same mood you arrive. It's impossible. It's beautiful.

A lot going on this day.

We were interested in fresh BBQ:ed fish...

Yes, this kind!

Our boy loves it just as much as we do.

Well... my boy had had it with the camera...

So I had to go solo.

And then company arrived!

A wonderful meal, a wonderful day.

And then, the rain came in over the ocean.

Wednesday and you won't hear me charging for the weekend, oh no! I still have a lot of time off.

I hope you do too and that you can capture the possibility to capture the moments.

The best part of my five weeks off is spending the time with my family. Nothing else is as prioritized or needed and nothing else will heal me like that will.

I'll do my best to keep having a blast and do a lot of: loving, laughing, BBQ:ing, hugging, chilling, jogging, socializing!

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