Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Misty mist around these southern parts.
We've never quite experienced mist before, like the one that's offered here, on a regular basis.
Driving out into it is almost like diving into a giant glass of milk!

Best to bring the giant mist gun, just in case...

Spoiling ourselves
Being somewhat inspired by the lovely hotel breakfast last weekend, we decided to have breakfast at one of our favorite places around here. And we said no more and got up and jumped in the car, feeling happliy free at the spoiling spree...

The little harbour at that place looked almost spooky in all that mist.

Again we took opportunities to just hang out together, doing whatever we felt like just then and there. We've not been spoiled by that kind of spontaneity. A harbour looking like this, with all the birds, boats and fishing nets is a spectacular sight to see a misty saturday, with time on your hands!

Feeling extremely alive. 
Almost as alive and free as I imagine those birds feel, enjoying themselves.

What should one order for breakfast, eh?

Certain boys are really big and accomplished and can pour by themselves...!

Locally produced apple juice.

The Boy reads a beautiful photo book about our town.

Time being the new status bringer is not surprising - what could possibly be worth more? Time lets me love and feel. To take time to stare out of a window onto a small port full of seagulls, is a luxury to me.

Everybody in this tiny little village, seemed to have taken the opportunity (time) to step outside and feel the spring air, up close. For spring in the air, it was. And people outside, there were: happy people, dogs, old people and kids.

Happy kids!

Waiting on summer...

Is it a  Hitchcock reminder, will we shortly run into Jack The Ripper or Inspector Barnaby, from Midsomer in England? I can see why our country's famous novelist wrote crime novels, that turns into movies in this area.

You can barely see the car slowly approaching. I love it! It feels really cosy with all this fog.

Feeling really cosy, snuggling inside the car (while hubby went to purchase the evening's desserts) The Boy and I caught ourselves on camera. Taking the time to just being together, joking. Love it. A moment in time.

The Boy is being his usual sweet loving self and generously giving me kisses on the cheek!

... only two days after this misty Saturday sunshine was strong and I went jogging in t-shirt and bumped into a bumble bee and two butterflies! Amazing and totally wonderful. Spring is no longer on its way, it's fullblown and doubt-free here!!!


  1. well, hello there! and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. blogging is so cool b/c you get to get connect with others all over the world. and i love your idea of a dream home is "new england goes miami" that's an awesome description!

    i can't wait to share pictures of my paint makeover i started today. it's funny that i'm moving toward neutrals when i have had so much color around me for so long. :)

    p.s. your pictures are great--i love the one of the boats and just all the misty pics. i want to be there!

  2. Thanks Abra!
    yes, I also think it's great being able to follow people in their lives - all over the world - via blogging.
    And get feedback from all over the world, it's like travelling light and instantly :-)

    I look forward to seeing you pics, for sure!

    Thanks for your kind words here.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Anna- it is funny to connect with people from across the other side of the world. Your town looks beautiful especially when it's misty. We are inspired by Scandinavian style, and like you love Ikea. Sadly we don't have an Ikea in Tasmania, I have to get my fix whenever we head over to mainland Australia, and am limited to what I can fit in my suitcase!!
    As for Tasmanian devils, I have seen one on a road near us scurrying into the bush, but they are usually qutie shy and only come out at night! We do see lots of wallabies (a small Kangaroo) and our dogs love to chase them (they'll never be fast enough to catch them though!)

  4. Hazel: how fascintating to hear this! I'm totally in love with the Tasmanian Devil (since my oldest son wrote a school project about them) and would love seeing one, some day!
    Yes, getting to know people from all around the world is intriguing and exciting.

    Interesting that your dogs will chase wallabies. I can't imagine having such cute animals around :-) Our dog loves chasing Blackbirds but I think a wallabie would scare him....?!

    See you around the blogs!!