Monday, April 11, 2011

Bright stuff

Weather Gods
Weather Gods must have thought:
-They say they want spring weather? Let's bring it on!

Not even my precious husband hesitated when it came to having breakfast outside, this glorious saturday morning. After jogging.

Do you see that cute dimple? I love it!

Well, not only were we daring enough to eat outside, we braved another marmelade than raspberry...
Of course, raspberry marmelade from Denmark tastes better.

The Boy usually does not want to join us outside but this morning he did without a doubt!
(could it have been a result of the shock he lived through seeing mom and dad hugging in bed, earlier that morning, when the expression on his face said that he was equally surprised as angry?!)

Love this male!

Well, the Pelicans in Miami may be cool and fresh mamas but these, their scandinavian geese sisters, have definately got it going on, also!


It hit me: I feel like a bud, in spite of being 40 years old. I live many things for the first time and I feel a lot of things for the first time. Our family situation, our true love, our child that is ours, the both of us, the living in this gorgeous town and our cute little house - it is all a fresh start which I experience for the very first time.
I feel as gentle and fragile as a bud, sometimes, knowing how quickly the years pass and I feel as full of promise as a bud, other times. I know the best is yet to come.

Male Creatures
Male creatures are different from female creatures. This I know for sure, living only and always with men.

While I was busy with Carpe Diem, hubby went "to it" starting to cut the bushes in the garden, after my pointing out that "wow, now they're really starting to grow"!

The Mini Male: who else would love long johns and playing soccer in them?

What can I say? This is my boy!

Playing is something that all the men in my life have in common. Whether it'd be video games, sports, outdoor games or indoor games, they all love it and will do it. As often as they can.

His favourite cuddly animal gets to play jump along with him.

The cutest male of the family engages in a tanning procedure here!

Almost religiously, my husband surprised me by starting to pick weed all over the garden. Under the hop mat (OK, I know: trampoline) and at other odd places.

I sat with my cup of coffee, chatting. I mentioned this and that, I told of certain stories and made some fun jokes. It was all met by silence so I was starting to wonder, after a while. I went ahead and asked:
-Did you hear what I just said?
Hubby replied in an honest fashion:
-No, I'm making a pile of weed here!

I knew it, you all know it but it sounds so cliché though: they cannot do two things at the same time!!!

A pile of weed.


To the Café of Love
For this is true - there is such a thing as a café of love, let me tell ya'.
The Boy said, in the car going there, that he "loves it" and we love it. We love getting there being greeted with our names, we love that we know what we'll meet but never exactly how it'll be.
The Boy loves feeling at home there, to such an extent that he has now turned into something of a tail, to the owners...
Those guys have turned into our substitute relatives and they pass with flying colours!

The Boy, telling Anders all about his pre school adventures!

Of course I feel love here. I feel lovely, being here.

Even the tiny cup of coffee is strong, warm love.

Now, it hits me that the male population might be on to something: there is something genuinly "carpe diem:ly" about only being able to do one thing at the time. I'll try to learn something from them.

I wish you a very lovely week!


  1. love his long johns .. and how true is that, one thing at a time.. I just told my husband on the weekend to learn how to multi-task, when really maybe I need to learn to focus on one thing at a time :) thanks for that

  2. I came to your blog from your comment on Kelle Hampton and just wanted to say hi!

    You sure have some handsome men in your life! We have also been enjoying the spring weather! So nice to be outside :)

  3. Eva Marie: well, it just hit me - that just maybe that is worth thinking about. Multi tasking sure has its benefits also... :-)

    Megan: how nice of you to drop by and say "hi"! Thanks for your visit and your kind words. I'll visit you next - I'm such a curious person!!