Friday, April 1, 2011


An unusual Sunday in our lives, took place. To pack up a family, in a hotel room, eat breakfast, buy tulips for friends and be off to have brunch with those friends, was unusual enough.

The Dog thought it best to pack himself, so that we wouldn't forget to bring him home with us. He prefers his home, to the hotel!

Breakfasts at hotels are unusually good. It's so nice not having to prepare it or do the dishes after! It feels luxurious and like being spoilt.

Hubby and I wanted to take the opportunity to really enjoy The Breakfast Moment, alas The Boy did not...

He was more inclined to discover new biscuits, new rooms, different corners and different games that one could play.

Such as this one. How to dismount a chair in the most creative way. The day before he had found out how to mount it. So this sejour was nothing but a logical choice for day 2....

As if having breakfast served wasn't enough, we had brunch served shortly after. Unusual to say the least!

Now this, on the other hand, is not all that unusual: my friend ├ůsa is generally in a good mood and at our getting-togethers we usually take photographs, cause we don't see a whole lot of each other these days.

Unusual: Anders looking this serious. Could it have been the annoying cam stuck up in his face, that caused it?

The hostess, and brand new "mom", Camilla. So fantastic to finally have a baby after a whole lot of years trying. It was a miracle to see her with her beautiful baby girl!

A very proud, new dad.

Cute and sweet as sugar!

My husband in himself is unusual.
This phenomenon is also somewhat unusual: him taking a photo of me.

Unusually good times.

A finishing visit at Alexander's home. Playing was on the menu. Nowadays it is unusual seeing this, unfortunately. But it is incredibly heart warming, at the same time.

My little boy in Star Wars clothes, playing a Star Wars game.

Unusual for me to hang with both sons at the same time. 
I guess it is unusually enjoyable, since it happens so rarely. I still haven't made up my mind, what to make of all this.

My sons putting an IKEA-bed together. How cute is that??!

Unusually handsome, if I may say so myself!

Unususally strong love, between mother and dog.

It is not only my heart that sheds tears, leaving the old son behind, going home - my young son feels the melancholy also. Standing in the window, watching snow falling, I'm pretty sure he thought about exactly that.

The Old Son trying to cheer The Young Son up. Jumping all the way to the car. In the raging snow.
Love, love, love those boys.

So, the weekend extravaganza was an especially good investment in well being, love and heart and soul matters. I will never forget, those memories of a lifetime.

(oh, and the The Boy's first comment, waking up monday was:
-I miss Alexander, why can't he move here?)


  1. You have such a beautiful family, what special boys:) I also LOVE hotel breakfasts! It is breakfast time here, but alas I have to go and cook ours....;) Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my linen spray. You just spray it on with a light mist - so easy:) Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ~ Tina x

  2. Hi Tina!
    I will have to make my own, cause I can't imagine it's possible buying it here!

    Thanks for your nice words :-)
    I hope you're in the middle of a good week also!