Friday, April 22, 2011

The Boy behind the lense!

(prelude: making this post I feel naughty, excited and lucky: I lie in my bed, it's Good Friday. The Boy sleeps in his bed still, the husband fell asleep on the sofa and is still there - hence I lie here alone! I opened the window, sucked the marrow out of the early morning, feeling Easter coming, as well as time off with my wonderful family! What a way to start the day and to start Easter!!)

The Boy
The Boy, is special. Saying "The Boy" can be misleading since I have two "The Boy". The Old Boy lives far from here, though, and he mostly goes by the nickname "Mr Fantastic"!!
So, back to The Boy.
He's quite something: always cheerful, playful and shining with a smile. He's very often up to no good with a secretive smirk on his little face. This summer we'll celebrate his sixth birthday and I'll be damned, if I know where the years go?
We got the papers from school the other day, with a list of which of his pre school friends will join his class in august. My hands were almost shaking, reading that list. There were 15 names and these 14 other kiddos will play a huge part in his growing up.
I know 'cuz my dear friends meant the world to me, at that age.

The New Photographer
Well, I shoot "rather than well", as we say here. I love taking photographs and I think there's some magic in capturing moments literally, with the camera. The Boy often gets a camera (and mother) up his face and sometimes he protests and then I have to put it away. Mostly he's fine with it and even wants to check out the photos after.
Recently he, himself, has started to grab the camera and take pics!
The dog is an object that's extremely photo worthy, to The Boy, much to the dog's disappointment. The Boy likes using the flash and getting up kind of close (as close as he dares, which isn't too close!) and getting one snapshot after the other. The dog runs away to hide in his basket in the laundry room.
The Boy also loves taking pictures of the TV and his favourite shows.
Kind of fun is getting weird pics of mommy either up too close or while brushing my teeth or of my foot or anything else that may likely be amusing.

The dog is the first - and foremost - object of photo attention.

A tired mom, after work...

It's not the full moon but it could be. Quite the scary pic, I'd say.

Those horrible stairs, desperately in need of a paint job, never looked better!

My all time favourite, and this I laughed out loud when I found: the hubster sitting in ALL that (his!) mess, organizing. I gave him the mission, 'cuz I can't stand it. He looks hilarious in this pic!

Little boy loves
When I started loading The Boy's pics the pattern emerged instantly: these are the capturings of a five year old boy and he photographs what he loves! There where blurry lego pics, even blurrier Smurfs and cars and the one thing all the photos have in common is: they're the little boy's loves.

Like books. This is one in a series of 17 and we've read them all!

The dog again. This is exactly the face I talked about. He's tired of the boy here...!

Isn't it thrilling finding that a child of yours likes some of the very same things as you like? Hubby and I are crazy about the fact the The Boy loves Scooby Doo, 'cuz we both did. And still do!

Tadaa: The Boy uses the famous I'll capture myself, damn it -method!

Mommy brushing. This is in the morning, pre work. A little bit more energetic in this pic...

OK, I admit he got a little help capturing his favorite.

Haha, did he really capture pre-work-breakfast?!!

Another day. Post work. Tired but happy mom.

Yeah, the feet pic!

Enough of the The Boy's pics. He didn't want the cam up his own face, so I let it go!

What about this sight? Hubby finally got into some kind of workout/jogging thing. I'm very pleased since it's been hard trying to drag him out there. Here he is on Pink Thursday (is there such a thing in other countries?) warming up with the evening sun touching him ever so softly.

The Eager Easter Boy
The Boy is definately waiting for Easter. He wants to paint eggs, he loves eating eggs and he waits desperately for the Easter Bunny to show up with the egg with candy in it. He's hoping for some smaller toys in there aswell...

The Being Behind the Lense
What is life, what is "here and now", how do we save the extra treasured moments and what moments turn out to be the ones we do remember? 
What we notice, what we say to ourselves and to others - is what makes life. "Saying" can be intentional or unintentional, it can be through words or through pictures. A smile says so much aswell as a laugh does, I think.
To me it's a lot easier remembering things - and above all: a mood/feeling in a situation - if I've saved the moment with the lense.
Maybe it's even a great gift to give to the boy: saving up moments both in the heart and in the camera?

(postlude: so, The Boy woke up and came in to me, telling me he loves me and asking me to wrap him up good, under the cover. He lay there for a while and then he went downstairs, headed for the new Wii-game he bought last night: The Lego Clone Wars.
Followed by that movement was another movement: Marcus (The Husband) left the couch when The Boy entered it 'cuz with The Boy comes a whole lot of sounds from the TV-game and Marcus was... tired. Now he lies beside me in bed.
This tells me I was right to suck the marrow out of the early morning, 'cuz now it's neither early nor alone any longer!)

Oh, yeah: Happy Easter!

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