Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In kisses
Oh, my goodness - what kisses!
The Boy got up to my face, pressed his nose towards mine and gave me hard, pressed kisses on end. Say 20 in a hard, quick row.
What love in those kisses! 


All time favourite spot. Our closest beach and "where my heart is". On arrival we were shocked by the beauty, as usual.

Me, basking in the glory of the magnificent ocean.

The husband wanted to capture me up close also.

It's finally warm, it was a terrific sunny day, we were together: of course I was happy!

In thoughtfulness
A husband who gives a damn, who cares a lot, who goes the extra mile. 
A son who loves regardlessly and limitlessly. How blessed I am!

That cute little person, in those small jeans. To think of all his insights, his knowledge and love.
What a pearl.

In energy
Because there is quite a lot of energy in this family. We sometimes tell The Boy to try to sit still by the dinner table, for instance, and then we ourselves can't be still for anything! We can't just sit at the playground and we can't just sit in the sun: we gotta do something. For good or bad, that's how we are. No wonder The Boy is the same way!

Trying to learn how to balance is a good thing!

And a hard thing...

A good thing that daddy has practiced his balancing so that he could run fast to the rescue!

Everything is under control.

In the eye of the storm
The second degree storm warning turned out to be.... quite the storm.
I had planned and booked a trip for me and my co-workers to Copenhagen, to visit a library that does great work. Then came the news on the storm but we went anyway, keeping our fingers crossed. We were able to go both there and back again but we did see fishing boats that had fallen over and we nearly blew off the streets of Copenhagen.
In our idyll there were also proofs of the storm. Quite striking!

My husband. Not in the eye of the storm but right in the middle of my heart.

Strong "shadow slivers" (?)!

In beauty
"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never: Pass into nothingness"
/John Keats

Tai chi? (doubt it..!)

The Boy is getting to know his beach. He greets (and picks) stone by stone and he tries spot by spot. He's falling in love with the beach. The beach I was totally in love with, already as a child.
A loooooong time ago ;-)

Having stated that we're active, in our family, I still wonder sometimes where all that never ending energy in children, come from? The Boy keeps going long after we're beat.

In family
Going from "single mom" via "stepfamily" to "family" I'd say I have something to compare with!
I loved being a single mom in the sense that I and my son gave each other all the spare time we had and we really enjoyed each other's company.
Being in a "family" consisting of me, my husband and our son I get to experience sharing every new happening and every miracle. To marvel together, it's another level.

In fatherhood
To have a father present, a kind, soft and loving father who means no harm.
My youngest son lives it whereas my oldest son know's that it's a thing to treasure but not a given. Oh, they're different, the cards you're dealt in life.

In "uncomplicatedness"
Carefree, playing, running, jumping, laughing. Somehow it's visible here: we're son and mother!!

And to think that all that - all these thoughts - can take place at a beach, near you!


  1. Vilka underbara, UNDERBARA bilder, så fyllda av sol och känslor! Det ser så härligt ut och det syns verkligen att det är en familj fylld av kärlek.

    Stor kram,

  2. Jättetack! Att höra de orden från dig, vill inte säga lite :-) *glad*

    Stor kram tillbaka!

  3. It looks like you had a lovely day! The ocean often has me thinking many thoughts also :) Your family is beautiful!

  4. Shirley: thanks for your very kind words! They make me happy :-)
    Yes, the beach is a grand place for thinking and drawing conclusions!