Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ladies' night!

Weekend with friends
This Saturday it was finally time for a longed for "Ladies' night" as in an evening with eight of my best girlfriends! We spent the night at luxurious "Grand hotel" and the evening was like a smooth dessert, working its way all the way in to the heart.
If family is a must indeed, so are friends.
The group that got together this weekend was nine out of twenty women in the ages 30 - 40 and we're everything from engineers, to marketers and TV-workers. All of us (except one woman) are mothers and we usually socialize in a forum, since we're spread all over the country and one of us live in Scotland.
Our get togethers are special, as you may very well understand.

Saturday meant coffee and chocolate at 3PM, followed by Champagne and strawberries at 5:30.

-What do I think I do, at age 60? Was the topic of the Champagne gathering.
(I? I live in Miami!!)

Yes, we usually talk in a closed forum, where we discuss career issues, family, love, husbands and everything else there is in life that is important and engaging. If there are people that I utterly trust, share everything with it's these ladies. Whenever something huge happens - whether it's good or bad - I unleash it all in the forum. There I get cheers, coaching or comfort. I dare say we've helped each other a whole lot when it comes to emotions and absolutely when it comes to work life: we've got so much competence in this group.
I'd do anything to help one of these gals!

I took a moment and took it all in, watching and listening for a little while. What fab ladies I'm fortunate enough to call friends.

Grand was a beautiful hotel. This night Dalai Lama slept there and his presence was apparent.

Dinner at 7 PM.
A true treasue: great friends.

So much happiness! To think that the laughing lady in this pic had cried in the forum a few days before.

All of us!

I felt like falling and landing in a soft place, that weekend. I spoke from the heart, listened with both ears and felt so much. I laughed and I was definately in the moment kind of actively.
So, under that full moon ladies where let in to each others hearts, got a chance to fill in some blanks and got to feeling so safe in the circle of true friendship. It's as rare as it's wonderful.
In another little place of my heart I was nurturing a small longing..... I longed for my husband, our boy and our dog. I longed to be with them. I had recently felt another bud, that made me long some more than usual.

Now, these are some good looking guys! They came to pick me up.

The shadow family and The Boy!

You could almost guess that I'm a former dancer, just seeing the pics of this ever dancing boy.

You guessed it: hubs wanted to go car looking again. The Boy took the opportunity to "lego" some...

I was deeply moved seeing how excited those guys were seeing me again! Nice to be missed.

What a boy to long for.

The Boy went on to a play date so hubs and I went on a beach date!

And all is well.

The shadow couple.


  1. oh, that hotel looks lovely! and what fun to spend some quality time with girlfriends. i want to do that. :) and it's true, distance makes the heart grow fonder!

  2. That hotel looks lovely like the PP said!! I so need a weekend get away with some close pals..
    Thank you for your sweet comment the other day. It means a lot to have support (world wide even hehe)

  3. Abra: the hotel was great indeed. I had no idea it was gonna be so nice, so it was a wonderful surprise!
    Getting away I recommend - try to get away with some girls and then you come back utterly refreshed!! ;-)

    Eva Marie: sometimes I like the worldwide support better - no envy (in the blog world at least) and only happy cheers and support. I really like that!
    I hope all goes very well for you!