Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good things - oh la la!

Coming down the stairs after what must be characterized as a "sleep in" (stayed in the bed until 7:50 AM) I experienced this:
-husband saying "oh, mom's coming down!"
-The Boy saying "I love you" and starts snutting my hair
-the dog came running, frantically, wagging his tail intensly

How could I not be in a perfect mood after such a greeting?!
Love life.

What a grand evening! One can be outside and jump, after pre school.

Garden beauties are starting to show up, here and there. These we didn't know where going to show.

One evening recently was pretty much the same: after an intense and rough day at work I was picked up by the train, brought home and served dinner. On the couch The Boy couldn't stop assuring me of how much he loves me and he kept hugging me.
After a rough work day, there's nothing better, I tell you. I hade texted hubs from the train that I was a wreck but a few minutes after arrival at home I was actually dancing in the living room, smiling, to the childrens' program's happy music.
I would never have thought it!
Healing qualities of family indeed.

A glass of wine after an especially exhausting day.

Accompanying my boy, watching cartoons. Wonderful.

Doing something right
This all makes me feel like I'm doing something right: hubby loves me "a whole lot" (as he said in the car going away for some fun, last weekend), The Boy tells me daily how much he loves me and how wonderful I am, the dog is crazy about me and even the twenty year old son proclaims that all his friends know that he really loves and cares for his mother.
It makes me feel really good about being me and that sure doesn't make me a worse mother - quite the contrary, I think.
I'm thankful for my life and I love feeling love and feeling loved.

Tire and irritation can turn into pleasure.

Even the dog is so relaxed, he's snutting his blanket.

We baked cookies. They tasted heavenly!

Jogging with the dog. What can I say?
Nowadays the wind is gentle, fondling your cheek ever so softly and birds - spring birds - spread sweet sounds in the air. A ship, leaving the harbour, will honk its horn in the distance and so you know that you are in My Town. The cutest, lovliest little town on the face of the planet.
For it is now it starts coming to life!
In a few months tourists will fill every old quirky alley, every café, every restaurant and all the beaches.
Now, still, there are no tourists and it's calm and beautiful.

I notice it extra well when I go jogging with the dog.
When only geese and eager eagles float in the sky above us. The geese usually make their typical sounds, like cows almost, while the eagles are totally silent, on the lookout for mice.

I recouperate in all this. If I'm cranky I go happy, if I'm tired I go energized and if I'm down I go up. It never fails and that's why I love my jogging so much.

My eye caught this little cute flower, reaching for rays of sunlight, by the house wall. Spring on its way!

Light report: since we've adjusted our clocks and watches to summertime (you know I love summertime!) I'm happy to report that here sun sets 7:44 PM!


  1. Så underbart att bli mött så, på morgonen eller efter en extra jobbig dag på jobbet! Det låter som om det finns mycket kärlek i din familj - härligt!

    Det låter också som om ni har vårvärme hos er, med studsmatteglädje!

    Tack för dina kommentarer hos mig!

  2. Ja, det är vad som håller mig vid liv, absolut ;-) All denna kärlek och glädje som uppväger det som ibland är övermäktigt på jobbet.
    Mycket kärlek som jag verkligen har vett att uppskatta.
    Och vårvärme, ja. I dag satt jag och arbetade hemifrån och kunde sitta i solen, utomhus, hela dagen.
    Nu är den utan tvekan här: våren!!!

    Tack själv för ditt besök och din rara kommentar!