Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today I'm having an off day and I've really benefitted from having fabulous friends to ask advice of and being comforted by. Work issues generally needs many perspectives...

Something that always cheers me up is seeing the pictures I've captured at odd times - highlights - with the cam. One of those days and those highlights was the day I had working from home, the other day.
I picked this spring's most wonderful day (so far) for it! It was warm and sunny.
So warm I could go jogging in my t-shirt!

The Boy got to have a "sleep-in" and so he opted for a movie, before pre school.

Flowers from my wonderful childhood friend and her husband. Still looking good!

Shadows looking like art.

Yeah: thery're here now - a whole lot of spring signs. Buds that still are somewhat shy...
I couldn't help the urge to take their pic though, I've been waiting and looking out for them.

Other cute little friends are developing slowly but surely. I love these and think they're breathtaking.

Working from home is something I don't do very often but it happens sometimes and I always enjoy it immensely. This day of working from home was extra enjoyable since my task was reading crime novels for a happening at work, where I'll talk about them!

Any guessers, on who else enjoyed this day?!

Let me tell you, I saw a Bumble bee, two Ladybugs, a whole range of birds and two butterflies. I also felt like flying when I listened to the unbeatable singing of the Blackbird - I love Blackbirds.

This flower had opened up totally, to the sun. I felt exactly the same way.

Reading an italian crime novel by Donna Leon and walking back and forth to the kitchen to get coffee is nice. I appreciated my cleaned house, the fresh flowers and the sunshine. Really, you don't need more than that to feel great!

Naturally the sunset was gorgeous too.

In the evening my workday continued. As Inspector Brunetti ate pasta with parmesan, fried with garlic, and had wine for lunch and dinner, I had a glass of wine too. I also tried out our new reading chair and it works just fine!

The Morning Boy
The Boy is extra cuddly and cute in the morning, with his little pig next to him. Love him. I usually carry him down and he gets down under the soft blanket and immediately says:
-May I have hot chocolate please?! (knowing perfectly well that anything else would have been an utter outrage!)

Evenings aren't half bad either...
Later that day, in the evening, hubby was away and we had an evening to ourselves. I seem to go on about our living room dancing, but we apparently do it often - 'cuz that's what we did! The Boy loves putting pop music on and inevitably we dance.

After the dancing frenzy we were just happy and satisfied and we got ready for the favorite reading time of day.

When daddy's away The Boy often gets to sleep in our bed and it makes him happy.

To say the least!

So, as you may understand: I feel that huge, hard work issues seem to melt into a place where they ought to be to begin with, when I relive these wonderful moments via the camera.
These pics show some of our lovely doings, the passed days.

I rarely show work photos here. I simply want this blog to focus and treasure my free time, my private life. The professional life is just that: the professional me.
This is LIFE.

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