Friday, April 29, 2011

Blended bliss

Impromptu is gooooood!
Random is good and bliss ain’t half bad either!
I’ve been so extraordinarily happy the last week and Easter was one long wonderful weekend that was like heaven, to me, so I just have to give you another post of it!

I can’t remember ever feeling happier than I did these Easter days and I went all in, enjoying, feeling and watching my loved ones smiling.

Love our old, lovely town!

The Boy loves his Coke.

Happy with the egg!!

Even the candy were good.

Remember the impromptu (gosh, how I love that word!) visit I and my son paid the new neighbors?
Well, it paid off, big time, and The Boy played numerous hours with the little sweet girl in the family. Sometimes things sure do work out well and it was the only thing that was kind of missing in our neighbourhood: a friend living nearby that The Boy can walk over to within seconds (and run around together with, looking totally excited and energetic!).

So, such a neighbor: check! (*sigh of relief*)

In the neighbors' garden, playing.

The Boy invites the new friend to jump!


Time for cookies!

You can understand why this makes mommy happy?!

Son and mother plays with....odd things.

The sun
The sun was no stranger and I made sure to socialize with it. It’s astonishing, really, that sunshine can affect you so much. Sunshine affects our whole country and we all become different people during the summer months.
Will Smith sure was right when he concluded (in "Summertime") that:

“School is out and it’s sort of a buzz
a back then I didn’t really know what it was
but now I see what have of this
the way that people respond to summer madness”

I especially enjoyed snuggling with my cute dog in the grass, in the sun. He looked so happy, wagging his tale “talking” with his cute sounds and rolling about. Bliss!

The dog snutting his own snutting-blanket. Licking it first - all by the book.

It's obvious the dog enjoys himself in the sun.

I can see the strong love in these eyes. No doubt he loves me a lot.

I solemnly declare that I’ll enjoy all my summer days this much. In fact, I promise to give it my absolute best shot! I think chances are better than “good” since I’ll be capturing them with the camera and posting them here. Some weird how that shapes me up and lets me focus more.
So, watch out – I’ll be having a terrific summer!

For some of that Yin and Yang, Kelle reminded us about some days ago, I can add an extra plea to all of you: grasp every moment. Don’t argue with the husband if you can avoid it.

This weekend I found out that horror has happened to the sweet family that sold our house to us. They still live nearby and as my son played in the playground with their kids, the grandfather told me that the dear daddy in the family is broken down with cancer. Small chances to live through it.
As much as it shocked me and made me devastated for them (they’re truly wonderful people), it reminded me harshly to keep focus where it ought to be: on here and now and on all that’s good. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings.

So: go out there and capture this day. I sure will give it a try and I won’t sweat the small stuff – not a chance!

Enjoying the colours and the blooming.

Will never sweat small stuff again. Never ever. Life's too short and too precious.

Loads of love to all of you. Have a special weekend.


  1. I love the reflection of you in the window in that last picture! What a fun week :)

  2. it does look like a lovely easter! and yes, your town is beautiful!

    there is nothing better than a glass bottle of coke. :)

    also? i can't wait till my kiddos are at the age to jump on trampolines, i grew up with one and spent HOURS out there on it!

  3. Pepper: thanks :-) Yes, it was a good good week!
    Abra: oh, did you?! How fun! There was no such thing in this country when I was young. I would have loved it also. Thanks for liking our cute little town :-D

  4. Loving the pictures and your beautiful town..
    Your easter sounds like a blast