Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome May!

Ocean sliver, as a reminder
I came to realize that I have a routine that's hardly at all worthy of mentioning but I go ahead anyway! It's like this: I long and yearn for a home right by the ocean. We don't have that but we live in a small town by the ocean, in an attached little house.
All good and well.
From two of the bedrooms in our house you can see a tiny little glimpse of the ocean far away, down there.... This little sliver of ocean catches my eye every morning. I realized that two things I do every morning, regardless of day or weather, and that is looking at the huge graduation photo of my firstborn as a baby and then I walk to the secondborn's room and pull upp the venetian blinds and look out over the ocean - that very glimpse.
Some foggy days it's impossible seeing it but most days it's right there: blue, glittering as a subtle reminder of what's there: beach, sand, water, seagulls and magic.
For ocean equals magic, to me!
Hence, I appreciate that little glimpse that we do have. When I start longing for a beach house that's what reminds me to cherish what I do have, instead of being displeased with what I don't have.
So much for ocean slivers.

Can you see it? Right in the middle: ocean sliver...

No more winter roar...
In my country we celebrate "Valborg" and that happens on the last day of april. We celebrate that winter has been roaring its last roar and that from May first, there's nothing but summer!
This we celebrate with fire. Quite striking, eh?!

Excited. On our way to the fire at the beach!

The choir is done singing - everyone's waiting for the fire to be lit!!

Our boy is mostly occupied with the waves...!

The fire is being lit.

It's hot. Hotter than Miami ;-)

Kids were having a whole lot of fun, avoiding being touched by the waves!

They never spoke to each other, they just played with the waves!

The crowd turning from the choir, towards the fire.

So, we say "yes" to summer!
Yes, we do.
We fully embrace it and celebrate its existence every weekend.
Even mondays - during our "Friday snuggle, Monday" we stay out in the garden as late as the weather permits.

I oiled our outdoor furniture so now we're fully equipped for summertime!

Well, I never had time to mention it but during Easter I painted the hallway in the entrance. So we celebrated finishing the first floor's renovation. We've renovated the hallway, kitchen, bathroom and living room. Feels great!

I actually feel ready for a new week to begin. Have a good one!


  1. The celebration looks really fun (and so do those drinks)! :) My family also lives for summer as you will surely see many beach pictures this summer. And I'd love your sliver view of the ocean, it is definiately better than no view!

    My husbands grandmother's name was Valborg, she was from Norway, and just wanted you to know thinking of her today made me smile - so thank you :)

  2. Looks like great fun- hope you have a lovely warm summer!

  3. Shirley: yeah, we'll both be very ready when the beach seasons starts then!! It'll be so much fun :-)
    Oh, that's great about hour hubby's grandmother! Valborg is a good solid name. I guess I'll think of you when Valborg is mentioned!!

    Hazel: it was fun and special - traditions like those are nice to celebrate.
    Thanks! I guess tou have summer most of the time?!