Monday, May 23, 2011

Yeez yellow!

A gift for sweet blog-friends
Yes, this is my spring gift for you who follow my blog, be my guest!
I pass these fields of art each and every day and I keep thinking that you all must see it and so I decided to take a "field trip" in order to pass the colorful beauty on to you.

If you see this sight, on your right hand, you know you're getting close to my town!
Actually, my town is surrounded by fields like these.

The Boy dances out into the fields of yellow.

Wild life
One day, this passed week, I decided to count the wildlife I saw from the car, going to work. This is what I came up with:
-geese flying
-rabbit jumping cutely

This winter I thought that the trip to work was a painting and a miraculous work of art, seeing the ice, the snow masses and the blue, almost turquoise air.
This yellow spring - let me tell ya' - is every bit the miracle. It's surreal, like taken out of a Fantasy movie like Alice in wonderland or Coraline or something like that.

The little beginner of life. He has a lot to look forward to!

A sight for sore eyes.

Closer to nature
Making the field trip, seeing the Yellow I felt closer to nature, to life. I could sense what the ever-after might be like.
As I often do, I wished I could at least slow the pace of life down. The days keep moving so very fast. Monday goes Thursday in the blink of an eye and Friday goes Sunday even faster...

No, your eyes aren't decieving you: the hubster actually got out of the car ;-)

The beauty mesmerized all of us.

I'm thankful I'm able to see this, that I'm able to hear the Blackbird and the geese. I'm thankful I'm the kind to pay attention to things around me, like a bee on the ground or an airplane far away.
I'm thankful for springtime, for sure.
Most of all I'm thankful I left the period in my life when no part of me was able to take in beauty or hear bird's singing. Now I can't stop appreciating it!

My boy was in a fowl mood going into the car. Getting out of it here changed it all in a second.

I kinda like rusty things. This was all rust.

The ocean in the background gives me chills.

The every day marvels
The marvels all around are amazing! Not just the lying cows, the singing birds and the scents of all the flowers in bloom: it's more than that. It's the being alive, being able to jog with the dog one minute, make breakfast carrying it on a tray the next minute.
It's about eating breakfast by the TV but still talking, laughing with family members so that you can't hear what they say on the TV.

It's all about things like that.

Striving on. Life keeps striving forward, upward.

It's nice that life can be such an adventure, just going out the door. What did that Hob say in Lord of the rings? "It's a dangerous business going out the door and on to that road, there's no telling where it might lead you".

We know how to Carpe Diem!!

The Boy has always loved throwing stones. Into the ocean or into a field, it doesn't matter!

Being 40
Oprah wasn't lying (hrmm cows lying and Oprah wasn't lying - does it really spell the same way??) anyhoo: being 40 years old is super! I notice even more of the every day lovelies now. It's true. Fear it not, all you young sweet mamas out there :-)

As long as there are rape fields there are a whole lot of things to be thankful for.

Now, please have a grand week, I know I'll try my best!

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