Friday, May 13, 2011

Playground life!

I admit, I really like the playground life! Summer allows us to really explore it, since the sun stays longer and the temperature is kinder.

This is an evening sight that we see from our kitchen.

These darlings decorate our front side also.

Sunday was a day of rhubarb pie. It's best enjoyed with ice cream!

Sunday was a true chill day and I hit a chair in the garden and dug up old magazines and just enjoyed myself, all day.

Back to the playground. My boy looks really happy there, surrounded by children and a whole lot of action. I get happy seeing my boy so happy, of course.

I had to get this pic: can you see that typical playground energy going on?!

A favorite neighbour nowadays: the granddad I spoke about. He always has a joke and a caring thought for everyone. He's quite amazing.

Yes, this is one of those occasions where I dragged Marcus out to socialize!

Our boy was completely happy. His radiance was of satisfaction.

Miniature world
That's what I think is a little bit special about the playground times: that it's a miniature life/world. The bigger kids help the smaller ones, kids fall, kids cry, kids laugh, kids practice their social skills and parents get to interact and network.
Everything and anything can be discussed and important relationships can be formed, for both big ones and small ones.

The Boy looks after this cute little one year old!

That granddad getting our boy into a huge laugh, bless his soul!

Fab times, being nothing but carefree and happy in a magic little world.

So we're lucky, we live ten seconds from this place. A place for kids, with kids and only for fun. What a world!

Friday again. I'm guessing I'll soon walk into this magic world again, being entertained by small ones and making connections with kind and interesting people.
Life sure is good and I sure am happy to be in the middle of it.

Light report: it's almost light until 8:30 PM these splendid days!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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