Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The (soon to be) School Boy

Time to start school
I can't believe it, my baby starts school in August.
I was at a parent meeting in the school-to-be, Thursday, and as I sat there listening to the principal I had to take up the fight towards nostalgic tears.

Partly because it felt like only yesterday my firstborn started school and now he's all grown up.
Partly because it is my secondborn, my baby, who's starting.

The proportions of it are impossible to grasp.
The circle of life seems all around.

The grape plant isn't disappointing us at all.

Morning light in our garden.

Walking our path
Walking our path I felt free, walking home from that parent meeting at The Boy's coming school.
I stepped out the door, steered my steps towards our home and within twenty seconds I was on our path!
It was sunny, on a lawn a class of karate training kids were totally into their sport and the birds offered a wonderful concert.

I stepped out, close to home, in a beautiful town where I imagine our boy feels and will feel secure.
I like to think that our boy has every opportunity for a safe and carefree upbringing here.

It made my heart leap, walking home and at that moment, walking that blooming path, I felt that thankful and magical feeling that is above all other kinds of happinesses, that feeling that is out-of-this-world-happy. Almost unreal.

To think walking home from a meeting can affect you like that!

The Boy caught stomach flu again, so I spent one day at home and Marcus took one day.
The Boy was happy the day he could start drinking blueberry soup.

Spending a day at home in the middle of the week was nice!

Spending time with cute ones.

Our home may be small but it's enjoyable. The neighborhood has a charming small-town feel to it and it seems like something out of a british TV-series, of some sort.

The Boy eventually got a little better.

Looking almost like a wolf, the dog looks at food.

We found a tiny dead little baby bird, in the garden.

The mourning mother seemed to call for her baby. 
She'd probably be pleased if she knew we buried it in our own bushes.

I even got to endulge in reading mags in the sun!

The Boy is now well and enjoys colorful sandwiches again.

It's already wednesday. I hope the week is treating you well!


  1. My second born will be starting school in August as well. We'll get through it together! :) Of and your "wellington" comment made me laugh out loud! :)

  2. Yes, we will then! Exciting times for sure :-)

    Good it made you laugh - darn iPads and iPhones!!! I didn't read through my own comment and saw that misspelling a day later when it was still up on the iPad....