Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"I'm not here to sleep!"

A master bed
In a master bedroom, in a master bed this little conversation was heard a few days ago, bright and early:
-Try to get some sleep now, boy!
The Boy:
-I'm not here to sleep, I'm here to snuggle with mommy!!

What can I say? When I heard this my heart nearly burst with love and of course I had to hug The Boy and kiss his sweet little face. To think that daddy didn't get that??!

The lovely face that comes to snuggle with mom...

I don't know how you all have it, when it comes to these bed-walking-issues but we're not all set in that department over here.... The Boy can and does sleep all night in his bed quite often but far from always. He'll come before dawn and carry his own pillow and his little pig and get in our bed, in the middle, safe and secure with one parent on each side.
Then he'll snut my hair.
By "snutting" I mean drag it out, roll it around his fingers and then drag all of that out and start all over again. This is as painful as it's lovely but after a while I usually tell him to stop, 'cuz I do need my sleep.


Morning procedures
Mornings are great!
When it finally is time to get up, The Boy and I walk downstairs hand in hand. He'll sit on the couch and I'll wrap him up good in a soft blanket. We'll turn the childrens' channel on and I'll go make some warm cocoa for him and pour into a mug.
Then there's this rush: I'll hurry to shower and dress so that I can do my make-up on the couch next to him at the same time as "The dinosaur train" and "Shaun the sheep" is on! I love those shows and so does The Boy and I especially enjoy sitting next to him, of course, watching, putting make-up on. It's the best part of the day!
The next best part takes place after we leave The Boy at pre school and that is when the hubster and I ride the car to work together. We get almost an hour to ourselves and mostly we discuss stuff or simply kid around and laugh. Naturally, if one of us is having a hard period at work, we get a chance to talk and listen and give advice. Treasured times indeed.


We went for an outing and The Boy was not in his best mood, initially.

Master sounds
It may still be spring but the sounds of summer are already here. As I talked about a few days ago, the scents of flowers and grass blooming - those sounds would also be grand to be able to share in a blog post!
The Blackbirds are of course the masters of all singers outside right now. The Finches that are setting up a home above our outdoors dining table make cute sounds also. Another true favorite of mine are the Bumble bees with unmistakeable sound of high summer. Being an Astrid Lindgren fan both of habit and upbringing, I was raised hearing the sounds of Bumble bees aswell in her movies as outside, in the summer.

Our gorgeous surroundings! This might, indeed, be right out of an Astrid Lindgren book.

Now one's starting to long for the water to reach a nice temperature.

The treasured husband.

Some weeks ago I spoke of spring signs and here's another one for ya: motorbikes!

Heavenly colours in the small marina.

Same colours!

This young man cheered up in the café.

You may notice that he ate something...

Like me, The Boy loves watching the ocean. Still enjoying a good snuggle!

Nurturing sights all around. I feel lifted just seeing the photo now.

Eh, ehrm... mommy went ahead and endulged The Boy again...

The outing was meant to be relaxing and it was. Beauty is soothing.

Enjoying a typical Saturday afternoon in our garden you can hear, beside all those sounds I've already mentioned, the famous geese and neighbors talking (while BBQ:ing) and there's the brand new sound of our newest little neighbor, who is an infant, crying for a feeding.
It's when I hear these sounds that I most often feel like I'm present and actually right in the middle of a carpe-diem-moment.

So, there we have it: sounds, scents and sights of spring.

Although last night it snowed for about twenty minutes - strange weather indeed.
Now heavy raining just ended and immediately the Blackbird started singing, as to celebrate the very fact that it ended!

It's already wednesday. Tomorrow is my usual charge-day, in order to get ready for the weekend...

Have a great second half of the work week!


  1. What a wonderful way to start the day! :)

  2. the snutting thing cracked me up. :) honestly, i wish my two year old was more snuggly, i don't think she has ever tried to enter our room at night, except maybe once when she was sick! i wouldn't be opposed to her coming in though. and i love all the colorful pictures.

  3. Shirley: thank you :-)

    Abra: I guess that's how it is. When you don't have it you would like to and when you have it.... you kind of gets annoyed sometimes. But not really: I love his visits and know too well that very soon he'll have outgrown them.
    Thanks for your kind words about my photos!