Friday, May 20, 2011

Rainy, precious and hectic times

Right in the middle of life
There's a hectic mix of getting up in the morning, getting breakfast, leaving at pre school, going to work, trying to get the best work done fast and then going home, picking up boy, cooking, jogging, eating and snuggling.
Of course it can't be done but we sure do try, every day!

There was Monday snuggle going on, this week.

There was happiness of being together, going on.

Lots of love was felt.

A small secret for staying sane...
Yes, I have a small simple secret, for staying sane in the midst of all that action going on and it spells: m u s i c!! Music is the marker of my shift in the day. When I leave the physical work place and have said the goodbyes to the co-workers, I put the earphones in the ears and turn music of my choice on.
Boy does that make a true shift!
It marks the end of the work day, the end of the professional me and the beginning of the private me. This has become a daily rite of passage for me and it allows me to all of a sudden be giggly and free and funnily carefree also. 

Our hopes were right: the Grape plant is up and coming!

This sure does look grey and dull and strangely enough - a whole lot like our entrance. But, make no mistake, this is a dance joint, where I danced in the sudden rain with my dog. I tried luring the hubster out, but there was no such luck!

The grand European music contest went on, Saturday, and we were charged with candles and unhealthy snacks...

Cows resting lying down in the grass
Cow's resting, looking nothing but cute, is another bright moment of my days. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I catch that sight from the train ride home from work and it fills my heart with joy. They sure do know how to take it easy and to not have a care in the world. I love seeing them.
If I feel worn (in spite of the music-shift) getting on the train, the train ride never fails pushing me into a perkier mood. I get to rest, to close my eyes and I get to catch up with friends on Facebook and on my blog favorites.
So, why on earth do people ask me how I cope with the commuting? I couldn't possibly do without it!

The dog got wet from dancing in the rain, but he enjoyed it nonetheless!

Maybe it was thanks to the rain dance, that we got this beautiful sky afterwards?

Seeing the best in every given situation
Maybe there lies the whole key? In seeing the best in every situation? If it rains: dance in it (thanks Kelle!), if it rains: smell the wonderful scent of spring and if it rains: wait it out for a perfect photo of a wonderful sky!

And if it's sunday: take a ride in a friend's convertible!

And this is actually a friend I've made, that lives in my town: well done, me...!

Do you think The Boy likes these convertible rides?

How cute is he?!

It's windy in coastal towns.

My sweetheart!

So, the days roll on and life continues.
The hectic mixes with the lazy, the challenging mixes with the easy and it all ends up being life.
Rainy, precious, hectic and sunny. And snowy too, come to think of it.

To find beauty in the small stuff, will always be the very best thing for me.

Like seeing my boy swinging in my friend's hammock, after the ride in the convertible.

I wonder what this weekend will bring? And that in itself is a good thing: not knowing but jumping right in, without a clue!
Have a fab weekend, sisters!

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