Saturday, May 14, 2011

Warning: lots of pics of "shiny happy people"!!

(the wednesday post disappeared again, so here it comes anew...)

Walking to the playground, any given saturday in May, you can see this little yellow ocean if you turn your head to the left just after passing our house.
The playground is a superb place for people who are new in an area, 'cuz there you get to meet all sorts of people and kids in all ages.

Yellow cuties that show the way to the playground.

Looking up the sky seduces.

If we're alone at the playground The Boy can still keep busy and I can sit, for a while!

At the playground there's this impromptu way of life, where you just happen upon neighbours without any planning or any commitments. If someone brought biscuits, everybody gets to taste them and whoever brought a bucket and a shovel shares kindly, if she/he tires of playing with them.

It's mostly quite social being at the playground and you can't choose who to fraternize with. I've come to notice that I'm much more inclined to go there and socialize than Marcus is and as a matter of fact I have to drag him there, come weekend.
I think it's a perfect place for us and our son to meet people in the area. I've come to know a grandmother and grandfather of some kids here and those people are as kind and nice like angels. They're warm, sharing and they have lived here since the neigbourhood was built and they tell stories of passed times.

I'm charged for interaction! (while hubs was home packing the picnic basket...)

Oh, the beach!
The beach, the sand, the blue sky, the ocean, the sounds of the waves, the picnic, the sun, the being-together. I can't get enough of it!

This week we had a beach Saturday and there were no complains.

I've never been to The Hamptons but I imagine it looking like this!

The Boy was eager to get out of his shoes.

Quite the beach guy!

Long buried spirits wake up. All spirits wake up, on a day like this.

He was about to play some tricks on mommy, as you may guess from that face!

This photo is hilarious, I think, seeing only the head :-)

How good it feels, kicking off them shoes...

Like he did in March, The Boy rolled about in the sand. Only, this time, he found a slope to help up the rolling speed..!

Sand everywhere...

Time for some adventure.

Exploring is fun!

Wonderful growing up in a town with a beach like this.

Love that man.
Let me stay just a little bit longer...
I don't know what's best: the playground with it's world of "miniature life" where nothing is too small or too big to discuss, or the beach where everything is laid back or energetic fun?
I guess I need both worlds to feel sunny and happy.

Today I'm off to take a plane to a cute little island off our coast and attend a three day conference!
If this country has two really cute towns, we live in one of them and the one I'm off to is the other one. I'm bringing the camera in casre there will be some time....!

Hope you all have a good second half of the week!

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