Monday, March 21, 2011

Beach saturday!

To the beach
So, you don't have to be living in Miami to enjoy a beach saturday in March! Or in Australia or Italy. It can be done in Scandinavia too. I emphasize enjoy, because there was no freezing burning sensation in the face or in the hands this time.

To think that one would actually notice a shadow! It has been that long since sun really showed, apparently. I have to say that sun is very kind to me here, I wish I was such a long legged beauty...

Thanks for all your well wishes for the boy! He's better (and it seems that I didn't catch it!). Saturday he felt fine but not super. Here he tries his best to give the camera a good smile, for mom's sake. He did want to go to the beach for a picnic, when suggested, so we were off.

This pic sums it up: the true joy of togetherness. His cup and hers. Resting, being off duty on a sunny March Saturday. She did have to drag him out though, as always...

Definately a picnic of joy. I've thought about this need to blog, what it consists of. As some other blogger philosophized over (can't remember who) it makes you really see and analyse your days and your doings and choices, it even helps you decide what it is you want to do with your days. There's even more to it, in my case, it's the total focusing on something so different from work. I forget all about work issues when I crawl around hunting for The Perfect Picture of whatever it is I'm shooting.

The Boy went bananas in a good way! The sun, sand and ocean seems to have the effect on him as it has on me and he went happily crazy! He started some weird rolling frenzy that never seemed to end. He laughed an adorable laughter doing it and it was good to see.

He loves the beach!

Hubby stayed put, on the terrace with the coffee and cinnamon bun. Can you see the little rascal rolling about in the background? Thats MY son ;-) Sucking the marrow out of the Saturday, rolling about.

Of course I also had to get down into the Nitty Gritty of things. What else was there? I'm delighted to be able to wear my favourite spring shoes on a daily basis. No way I'm putting them away again this spring.

Let's keep on rolling!

We found that all that seaweed that had piled up functioned as a hop mat. It had some swoosh in it and you could quite easily jump in it. Since we're both energized folks, we couldn't resist.

The young one and the ocean.

Hey!! Jumping is so much fun!


This bridge is newly rebuilt since the old one blew away and to shreds. People got together and chipped in, in order for the town to build a new one. Those people have their names on it now and it looks very nice.

Someone poured a boy down this way...

There's no comparison to a good beach day. It got colder when the sun went behind clouds but it was the first real spring day, I think, and it felt divine and free. To be able to be outside for quite a while without freezing!

We're so lucky being able to live here. I love this little town and I love the people here. They're down to earth and friendly.

Of course hubby was a little cold. He doesn't get as extatic as I do over sunshine, ocean and being outside. He really likes being inside with warm coffee still...
The French say: "Vive la differènce!" and being different from each other is all good.

To town
Look at this: sun over my town. The funny thing is that it feels so much like my town, even though I've only lived here for 10,5 months!

I'm happy to say that not only Miami is colourful, my city knows how to brighten things up also!

Yes, inside is good. Hubs found some clothes to try out. He looks good in dinner jackets and it's fun watching him trying them on. He should get one of these, I think.

Let me state, once more, this is the adress where we're at, Saturdays. As often as we can.

Did you guess it? Our coffee place, of course! Anders greeted us with happiness and so did Morten (yes, I'm very proud to announce that we're now on a first name basis with the owners..!). 
Anders also gave Johannes his usual ice cream, and so all is well that ends well on a Saturday outing in march.

I had started, by now, to get the notion that we might premiere the new grill this evening. Walking back we started the decision making on what to BBQ. Need I say more for the Saturday? LOVE love love weekends, I tell ya'!

Back home
The day continued, back home. The Boy was a little tired and maybe even had a slight temperature. The sunny day was so enjoyable I closed my eyes several times thinking it was like a day of vacation.

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