Monday, March 28, 2011

So, we were off...

The Friday
The friday afternoon did finally come and we were finally off!
Hubs picked me up at work, accompanied by the The Boy and The Dog. Everybody was excited and in a terrific mood. We knew the drill: there would be coffee soon and there was already some sweets. How sweet!

We arrived at Alexander's place in the evening, just in time for dinner. Johannes unpacked some lego and showed his brother different figures and they got really busy building (hehe, as I write this Johannes sits beside me and as he digs around in his lego-box he hands me pieces of lego such as an arm, a leg and instructs me to put them on the table - the responsability and the trust, eh?!!).

I got busy cooking, since that's one of the things I miss doing: cooking his favourite meals, for him. 

Isn't it strange that that's a thing to miss? I used to cook almost every day for 19 years for that son and still: I miss it now that I practically never do it. What I miss the most about it, is his appreciation 'cuz he really loves my cooking. 
Well, this Friday I got to cook for both him and one of his two friends, that he shares the apartment with!

There was much merryment, this glorious evening in the welcoming home of my son. This was the first time I saw his new apartment and I felt relieved and pleased seeing it was a nice apartment with a new washing machine and dryer, a modern kitchen and a big balcony with a very nice view. It feels extra good knowing he has a nice home, now that we don't share it any longer.

On the other hand
On the other hand, it was the game playing that was the feature of the hour...
There was some serious gaming that needed going on! The Boy had longed and prepared for weeks and The Big Boy knew what kind of a challenge he was in store for: time to play!

How my heart warmed up - nearly melted - seeing those two together. My sons, my big reason for living, as well as for being happy. Love is so peculiar: we give it, share it and then it grows and is given back to us, even stronger, and then it keeps growing from that.
I felt it. It still grows, grows so much it almost aches and at the same time it's the ultimate joy and comfort.

So, it's like this: when you can't be around on a daily basis, it's very important that other people are. 
My son is fortunate enough to have a whole bunch of friends and even so a small circle of close, good friends. He shares his apartment with two of his best friends and I know for a fact that they're there for him, as he is for them. They help each other, they go grocery shopping together and they chill together. Important. 
Heart warming, for a mother.

The Brothers
When I had had my first born I swore that I wouldn't have another child unless and until I was in a good relationship and preferably married! I never thought I'd have another child, of course, and I was totally satisfied with my fabulous son who really means the world to me.

Then true love happened upon me... 
And when my beloved Marcus and I had been married for four years we decided that we should try to have a child together. Hence there was, evidently, Johannes eventually. 
Alexander was 14 when Johannes made his entry and there was instant love between the boys! 
I had wondered what kind of a relationship they'd have, considering the age difference, but their relationship is marvellous. They're the best friends and they play so well together and they laugh out and loud and look so cute. When Johannes was a baby and I was a zombie (the tire) Alexander would come home from school saying:
-You go and sleep, mom and I'll take care of Johannes. 
Then he'd watch him and entertain him so that I could sleep for a couple of hours. What a 14 year old!

As you can plainly see the "Once In a Lifetime 20 Year Weekend Extravaganza" started out in the best thinkable way! The following days were equally enjoyable.

But I still can't believe that boy is 20 years old!

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