Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moments almost like pieces of candy!

Some moments are just like candy: they are enjoyable, limited and I'd always like to have another one! Moments to love. Last week had a few:

The favourite coffee place in town is a small place in a very old halftimbered house. The owners are two very nice men who do it all by themselves: bake, cook, serve and walk around in there exchanging sentences with the customers, making everybody feeling right at home. We certainly feel at home and it simply doesn't feel like saturday if we haven't paid them a visit. Johannes gave me a giant kiss on the cheek on saturday!

This is one of those great guys. The other man you can see behind him, in the background. This guy is terrific: he knows Johannes name and he jokes with him every time we're there. He also always asks Johannes if he'd like an ice cream, after lunch or after Coke and cinnamon bun. Once Johannes was offered a second ice cream - this he never forgets!!

So, small wonder the kid usually looks like this, inside that place. "The Bookcafé" it's called.

Another gem of a moment was serving, and listening to, the two five year olds. They love a "fika" and the conversations in the games they played was too cute, I tell you! Love hearing it.

Light report: it was "almost" light until 6 PM yesterday. It is improving fast!

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  1. Vilka fina bilder, Anna! Speciellt den första bilden, den är underbar!:) Det är en söt och liten charmig pojk ni har:)

    Trevlig helg!

    Kraam Izabell