Sunday, March 13, 2011

Come weekend...

Come weekend, come a Saturday morning of singing! I found an old CD with songs from when The Boy was a baby and he and I played it and we sang. Loud and clear! He sat on my lap, we clapped the table and we hollered, shouted, sang and laughed. Precious time, grand time. Can't think of a happier way to start a Saturday morning!

We're cheaters, we're cheating with flowers inside. We want spring, breathe in spring and dream spring. So on the dining room table there is spring faux. Still perfectly beautiful.

(the boy just loves making necklaces and this weekend he made ones for his big brother, turning 20 this month, who we will visit and celebrate)

Speaking of those famous slivers there are some, here and there. Hubby and I sure enjoy them travelling to and from work, together. We don't always travel together, of course, but when we do: date time! Or so it feels. We take time to notice nature's all wonders and each other. Treasuring those car drives.
On arrival sometimes this is the sight that welcomes us and when it does - I develop wings and fly inside.

Yes "Come weekend". Come danish raspberry marmelade. To die for. We never miss out.

Come raspberry marmelade from Denmark, come raspberry marmelade from Scotland and come raspberry juice from Sweden. Hmmm, next weekend, could we have some imagination by then, please?!

Moments to cherich, for darn sure, these breakfasts. I'm never more present or happier, I think. I'm totally in the moment, enjoying with mind, heart, mouth and soul. The eyes love what they experience also.

I can never get enough of this loveable sight. My son. He looked exactly like this when he was 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. Now he's 5 and looking down a bowl of milk and cereal he looks exactly the same, year after year. Will he "look exactly the same" at 45 I wonder?

The Dog has a formidable way of looking like someone must have forgotten all about him. There couldn't possibly be any other explaination, eh?

Why on earth bother with spoons? Or milk? This is easier and tastes even better...

The spoon in itself is also severely interesting and entertaining. I'm just happy I was allowed to capture it!

Crowning the breakfast meal with a good hearty (?) raspberry jam sandwich. How can you go wrong?

Now, on to some more and some genuine spring signs, for you:

They're not only a brighter yellow than the sun...

... they're many!

Snowdrops are a certain sign.

This, I've come to learn, is a sure sign - if any - the flee market enthusiasts! During summer this square is filled, packed, with them selling their stuff. In December I spotted two brave, strong sellers but this weekend there were 6-7 stands. Spring sign, I tell ya'!

Vandering on in the cutest little town, that we call "home":

Not only are the over 300 half timberds unusual and special. I'd say that the doors alone could become a photo book. Johannes kindly posed by three, starting with a green door.

Followed by a spectacular blue.

And a pinker than pink, pink!

Johannes was certain that it's a sign of spring that the coffee shops started putting their outdoor furniture up. I guess he's right! We could see cool - and cold - young people with sunglasses feeling cool (and cold).

As if I wasn't already in a terrific mood?!!!

Now we're talking: Johannes ordered waffles with jam and ice cream for lunch, at our favourite coffee place. He knows what's good, this boy.

Hubby and I opted for a course with a little less sugar in it.... Curried chicken soup!

I'm exactly as happy as I look. I need nothing else, nothing more in life. Well, my oldest boy living nearby would be nice but all of us alive and kicking, regardless of where, is good still!

Come an unusual sunday.... come new adventures, especially for Funkie, the dog. 
We decided to finally arrange for a dog daycare, that also doubles as a dog hotel. He needs to get accquainted in good time, so for that it was time. We have some travelling we'd love to get done the coming years and we have nobody to look after our beloved dog. We also don't want to leave him with strangers, so when opportunity rose to get a place here, where a friend/our dog trainer keeps her dogs, we took the opportunity instantly.

Need I say that he loved the place?

This will be good. The woman running the place is obviously on top of things, knowing what she does. We believe in positive training, rewarding what's good, ignoring what isn't and that's what's going on at this place. We feel utterly secure with the women running the place. A strike of luck, for us.

Come work week, soon again. 
I never feel blue Sundays or unwilling to go to work. I anticipate the upcoming week and so does our son. I'm still pretty much in the middle on the Sunday. Remaining are good things: jogging with the dog, having dinner with my precious ones and then I'll light a fire, pour a glass of red wine and sink back in the sofa, watching a british crime series. Yeah, that's what I'll do!

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