Saturday, March 19, 2011

An evening to myself goes a morning together...

A Thursday evening
The Boy fell asleep while I read to him. I could tell he was tired, since the eyes where red towards the end of our sofa sejour. He also complained about tummy ache and we all better keep our fingers crossed there isn't more to it...

Being that he fell asleep so early and fastly, I had an evening for me. I sat in the sofa with lit candles, the dog by my feet and I just put a movie in the DVD that I hadn't seen for a while: "Space cowboys". Hubs was away working and all was still and calm here.

The Thursday this week was hectic enough and I had no chance to long for the weekend or plan for it. I had meetings booked in the never ending stream that meant that one meeting started the minute another ended. So, no dreaming of outings or eatings at all!

The Boy also painted nicely outside

New exterior lighting

Evenings at home are nice. The Boy often runs into the sofa, relaxing for a while watching TV and some cartoons. Either he gets inspired to play or he stays put, on the couch, chilling all evening. He'll then get to have his dinner there by the coffee table and we'll hug and talk and just "be".
If it isn't sunday (sunday is bath day) we move to his bedroom, from there. He'll play hide and seek as soon as I leave to fetch the toothbrush and then I need to pretend having no clue where he is.
 He'll be under the cover in his bed, most likely, or behind our bed in the master bedroom!
The reading then starts and that is sacred time in his life. There can exist no sleep without reading first. Once we forgot to bring books to a vacation and all h*ll broke loose then because the ever so fabulous cosiness of reading in bed was impossible. I ended up negotiating a storytelling story but it was a weak substitute.
We never forgot to bring books again.

The reading moment is completed with the snutting of my hair. That is also a must and pure joy for the boy. I love all this, of course, and I soak it in knowing that the years pass by so quickly, you don't know what hit you.


The morning boy.

A later evening
Well, then, later it came: the throwing up... Three times the poor little sweetest boy threw up in his bed and I didn't even hear it, until after. I had to clean the boy, comfort the boy, clean the sheets and then put the boy in our bedroom. He fell asleep like a baby.
And I started feeling, scouting, for signs... Tummy ache? Yes.

A morning
The morning came after a calm night and the boy slept all through.
I stashed the boy on the couch and went out for a short walk with the dog.
While the rest of my country complains of yet another round of snowing I particularly enjoyed snow free environment! I had birds twirping and a non-freezing temperature. That is always a good thing!

The morning goes on: tea and crusts for The Boy and I ventured a sandwich, regular morning style. Hoping to keep it...
The Boy is naturally pleasant to be around, singing to the pop music he put on and playing pop music while playing Nintendo Wii. It even gave me the opportunity to have my tea with an Elle (US) issue - and I grabbed the opportunity. Being at home with a sick boy has it's perks!

Raindrops all over

Raindrops on a string

The Boy had to have stomach flu breakfast

Better clean the ears properly after the post stomach flu sanitary bath...

-Isn't it a cosy life?
Yes, it is! The Boy happily replied when I asked. And it is: we where daring enough to have eggs for lunch, the both of us. Afterwards I put on a "Midsomer Murders" DVD while The Boy played happily on the floor.
Ill day. Fri day!

Light report: it gets dark around 6:15 PM, these days.

According to the news on TV, we've had spring for a week, down here in the south. The rest of the country still has winter and snow.


  1. I hope your boy is feeling much better. I have been catching up on your blog as I have been having a brek. I love your new area for your furry friend, it looks so fresh and such a difference.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.
    Rebecca x

  2. Rebecca: thank you! Yes, the boy is feeling better, thank god. Yes, the dog daycare has promise and the second time he went back went even better.
    Nice to see you, by the way! :-)
    Hope your weekend is good too!

  3. We were knee deep in throw up this weekend also.. nothing worse than seeing your babe sick

    hope everyone is on the mend as well