Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Honey, I'm home!

Where everything is as it should be
Ohh, it's so good to be home!
Did I say I didn't want to go home? Forget about it, it was great coming home and the weekend was chillfull, to say the least. My stomach was all butterflies and still is, writing this now.

Cute fellows that show flowers, promising sweet berries, soon.

The collector: that's my boy!

So, if you walk from our house to the playground, today, the yellow field is now replaced with a white field. Change. The world keeps changing upon us.

This boy happens to love blowing away these tiny petals.

Look at him go!

These are the gorgeous times.

The guru called it "over easy" and that's exactly what the weekend was: over easy! I love a weekend like that, especially after a work trip when you're kind of exhausted.
It's really the small things I long for, having been away: watching The Boy picking flowers, having a cup of coffee with the husband, seeing the garden a little bit greener and fuller than it was when I left.

We took a trip "downtown" in order to find a simple and appreciated thing.

Tourists increases by the day.

The Boy is playful. Cheerful.

Holding hands
The Boy didn't want to let go of my hand. When The Boy did let go of my hand, the husband caught it! I love feeling so longed for by the people that mean the world to me. So good to be home, so very good being home.

Celebration is in place here - let's hit our favorite place!

This is the small, simple thing that was longed for by The Boy: a new LEGO catalogue.

He's getting big!

Can we please stop the time?!!! I want to stay in this phase. I love the flowers, the scents and the birds. I heard swallows for the first time this sunday, so now someone thinks summer's here!

Impromptu is the word. Happiness is the consequence!

This girl's ready to swollow a happy boy, or two...

Eager one!

All of a sudden The Boy was brave and went into the frenzy of these jumping activities! He didn't really dare before but now my boy felt brave enough, secure enough to give it a go. And what a go! 
He went all in, let me tell ya ;-)

So, the butterflies, that are really amazing to be able to feel, where accompanied by over easy times, come saturday.
Just the way I like it.

And I still marvel that I get to feel so much love, such infatuation and such wonderful happiness. I cherish it and I really live the emotion.
Wish you the same and a terrific rest of the work week!


  1. Takk for koselig kommentar inne på bloggen min :) Det ser ut som om dere har hatt en herlig helg.

  2. you said it best, being away does make you come back and enjoy the small things! so sweet! that cake with fruit looks AMAZING. i'm a sucker for sweets.