Saturday, April 9, 2011

A small piece of heaven

This could be heaven
A boy, my boy, running with his "gun" and his ball, wearing nothing but a jumper and jeans outside in April. The foggy mist lurking there in the background...

My planting of Pansies by the entrance. It's like a ritual since many years. When I do this, it's like a definite statement that spring is here and there's no return. I opted for blue ones, this spring.

Pink, could be heaven, for sure! I have to admit it, I love pink. Whenever I buy flowers I always seem to end up with pale pink ones. No matter what kind or what time of year: pink works. 

Ranunculus being something of an all time favourite! They're powerful yet delicate, a very rare mix that is just right.

Just one more:

This could absolutely be heaven and I would guess that it is: friends. 
Nothing beats sitting down with friends. You laugh happier, food tastes better and life feels even more grand, when it's shared with friends. Don't you agree? 
Annika, above, has been my friend for 32 years. Here Johannes is being smitten and wouldn't leave her side!

The other day I also spoke on the phone with a dear friend and after that call I realized that talking to her was like conditioner: it softened my edges and made my heart warmer. Friends: life-air!

The Boy is a boy of simple ways. He went on showing Annika all his..... .....stones?!! And boy did he bring stones?! He went all in.
From our old home and from our current home, from that beach and from this beach.

Since Annika is a person that is all heart it's not surprising her husband is the same way. Kinder people would be hard to find.

And laughing seldom comes easier. Boy, is it fun sharing the trials and tribulations of being parents of young adults and teenagers!!
(how mind sweeping to see our husbands sitting there, having a whole lot of fun together, when for many years we barely shared a few physical letters, at best)

Beware of the stones. They're everywhere. Maybe we ought to build our own stone house?!
*love that son of mine*

... and I must add, rereading this one last time, that hearing my boy saying to his daddy:
-Good night daddy, sleep tight!
is a big slice of heaven to me! The first time I was a mom there was no daddy and my husband never got to have such admiring love from a child, before.
Hearing our son saying this melts my heart and makes my love grow. My love for him and my love for my precious husband, my gem.

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