Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching every day life!

Catching slivers
Speaking of days of working from home I found a new method this spring that I intend to keep up:
Sitting by our dining table with the windows immediately to the left of me, answering e-mails and rereading protocols, I all of a sudden caught a glance of a sun sliver!
That's when a new method got started: the running-out-to-capture-sun-slivers-method!
That means dropping whatever's at hand, in order to race outside into the garden allowing the sun to caress your face for anything from a second to a couple of minutes (if you're lucky).
Great method, which I recommend!

The tree top. Just to remember what the tree looks like in summertime - it seems so empty most of the year.

Catching each and every moment
Life consists of a number of moments and I do my very best to capture them all, when I'm at home. Sometimes I'll feel irritated but nowdays I often manage to prioritize the moment over the emotion (mind over matter, right?) and still make the best of it. Which I'm proud of!

An ice cream moment.

A sleeping beauty totally tired, falling asleep during snuggle.

A little hand to love!

My husband always has a project going on, just like me, 
and here he's getting ready to be off to a fair to promote his business.

The knees of my boy always look like this. As did those on his brother.

I went to Copenhagen for a meeting and got some iPhone pics.

It was a very hot day, so I sure got my money's worth!

A fab colleague (fellow library manager) that I had a great meeting with.

Catching a bunch of details
It is so true: I see so many more details photographing for the blog!
I see leaves differently, think of clouds, birds and lights in a whole new way and best of all: I appreciate everything about life a little bit more.

I snuck away to buy a few small things in Copenhagen...

Precious, my precious.

Yes, a detail, but I love it: I rearranged outdoor furniture on the front side and got a cosier feeling!

I'm not as frantic as it may look, about my flowers, but I want to document what's in bloom when, for the upcoming year and the flower purchases we'll make then.

Here comes the rain
The meteorologists here promise a lot of rain, for the month of July. So far they seem to be spot on!

The grape plant's intricate growing perplexes me.

Funkie doesn't care too much for rain and prefers to do his snutting inside when it rains.

Monday, after a weekend full of action. We cut down half the hedge (pics will appear, yes), cleaned, BBQ:ed, walked on the beach, snuggled and socialized hardcore.
Moving on to the last week of work before the vacation. 
I wish all of you a fab week and most of you a splendid 4:th of July!!

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