Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Love and effort

Love, love, love
Nothing else, than love, seems important these days. 
I've also given up the idea of being totally off duty - being manager means that every emergancy, large or small, must go through me and so be it.
I'm a lot less on duty than usual and that will have to do.

Having stated that, I try to capture the days and moments even more.
Love, that is what I focus on now.

How cute can a little behind be?! I'm just askin'...

Small, big, everything
Sometimes big happenings make you "get a grip" and sometimes very small incidents, almost unnoticable but not totally, will do the same thing to you. I've had a big horrible reminder and a small subtle reminder these past days. 
My family is my universe and my husband is the core of my life and will be my companion the rest of my days.
I even had a grand idea, that you will get to know about in due time...!
Small and big may very well - and should - be varied when it comes to nurturing relationships. It goes for tones of voices aswell as for bigger life decisions.

Dessert, wine and foam bath = nice vacation combo!

These days we see a whole lot of rain and grey, toned down skies.

Yet another vow...
My life-vow is to have a favorite day every day and my vow for this autumn/winter is to make a bigger effort being a good wife! 
I hope I'm already doing an OK job but my biggest effort this passed year has been being an OK boss and a good mother, now the wife part needs tweaking.
I look forward to it, I like challenging myself to be "even better" in different parts of my life!

We took yet another guest to the ancient sight...

A husband to love.

Wouldn't want to be without him.

The Boy is very familiar at the ancient sight.

Do you see the sliver of pure strong sun light in the horizon?

Even the six year old finds this a place for contemplation.

"Nothing but love for you"

My friend loved the spot.

A large beautiful flower among all those other ones...

Home, sweet home!

The art museum in our town offered an interesting exhibition. And a lot of color.

Happy birds down by the marina.

We're getting quite a lot of weather!

It boils down to life, love and time.
What to do with your life, how and who to love and how to spend your time wisely. No easy tasks or questions.
It's a good thing one gets vacation every now and then, so one has time to think about these things!
I've reached some conclusions.

I hope the rest of your week runs smoothly!

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