Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friends coming to visit!

Good news
The tickets are booked and paid, the best friend who lives there is tickled as can be, eagerly awaiting us and The Boy is excited and ready too. What does that add up to? Our trip to southern UK: Devon, Cornwall and maybe even a trip to Land's End!
For extra perk I got promising word from The Old Son that he's been given a 5 star-hotel, all inclusive stay, for a week, from his employer in a "Rising Star" program, and that'll be the UK too, so maybe we can all get together there?!!

Vacation has started and it feels great!

Five weeks lie ahead of me, five weeks of many friends coming to visit, many beach days, fence building, a trip to a theme park with family and friends, BBQ:ing with relatives, sleeping in, watching movies all night, playing videogames and going to the UK.

So, in short, five weeks of fun awaits us and this sure qualifies as good news.

But I am getting ahead of myself, good times has started and as the thunder storm evaporated, sun and friends showed up like it was all part of a greater scheme!

"Rain, rain go away, go away, rain, rain, come back again another day"

Noticing small things, really is noticing life.

Our sweet neighbor (who rescued us being locked out!) presented us with these sweet berries, bless her heart.


On to a wonderful weekend of being intensely together with our dearest friends:

There's joyful, spirited playfulness going on whenever these two children meet. They are like siblings and I rejoice seeing The Boy being totally himself when he is with her. He sings, dances and plays like she is family for sure.

As for the grown ups, we have that kind of relaxed, laid back kind of friendship with no strings attached, silent understanding for each other and huge respect and appreciation. It all makes for good friendships.

Here we pose: mothers and kids.

And so I thrive, yet again, in the presence good friendship. 
Friendship should be without demands, envy or suspicion but incorporate love, space and allowing personality. 
I completely trust these friends, trust that they mean what they say and say what they mean, trust that I can be me and they dare being them and all is good and right when we're all just that. 
Of course I had a blast, just like The Boy had.

Walking firmly to see grand sights in our area. One off the Bucket list for my friend!

I think this photograph captures my feelings this weekend. Joy, peace of mind and love.

Perhaps these signs aren't for those un-multitasking-capable men, eh?!!

Kiddos having a fun time!

This is a moment in time and a very typical moment in time, for these two.

Chilling going on for The Hubster.

Ice cream break/award time!

Time to be footloose and fancy free, eh? Kicking them shoes off, for sure!

... finding the little stones a bit hurtful, however...!!

We took BBQ dinner in the garden.

Sitting out there well into the wee hours. Kids resting, us laughing and talking of serious stuff too.

You can almost tell, can't you, in this pic what a marvelous time we had? 
Scandi summer nights are the best. The light that is almost turquoise brings extra mood to any BBQ.

As you can tell, I'm having a good start of my vacation! I hope all of you have equally good times. Thanks for visiting my little secret corner of the universe!

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