Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 2 in New York


We couldn't wait. I couldn't sleep. Ready for NY-day number two!

We went to Chambers Street, back to a spot we knew!

Mc Donald's like these aren't available here, with a grand piano and a singing piano player.

Bloomingdales, Broadway.

We were on the lookout for a certain store my son wanted to visit and I dare say we walked many miles in order to find it. This day was no exception but we sure enjoyed our walks looking for it: it showed us many nice parts of a city that is undescribable and absolutely never ever ever sleeping. Not even resting.

There's nothing you can't find here. Everything is a lot and large and I love it! How could you not? This candy store offered... a lot!

As I said.

We kept walking, looking for that store.

Discovering beautiful parts of the city.

This walking spree took us to 5 Ave, a spot I don't think we would have walked to if it wasn't for this search, that never seemed to steer us right.

The Subway. Great working but eh... large. And you rarely get off exactly where you later can expect to get on, for a trip in the opposite direction. So we learned the annoying way, sometimes when we were tired and the feet aching!!

Very nice looking signs. Also unexpected, somehow.

And all of a sudden we found ourselves... here! TIMES SQUARE.

This place must be The Most Alive place of them all.

Need I say that this place really got me?!!

Interesting travelling with a person of opposite sex and opposite age: we saw things and stores I never would have chosen!

I didn't want to leave Times Square. In fact, I wanted to go there every day :-)

Applebbes for dinner. Best fries in town!

Having such a good time!

Being daring enough to get a shot of traffic coming towards me!

Time to go downtown and back to Deb's place, after a glorious day! 

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