Monday, January 7, 2013

Summing year 2012!

The time is here again: to sum another year that has passed. As usual, uncannily fast...


I pretty much kick started the year in a really bad-ass way, with this promise:

"Me, myself and I will take on this year head on, in this notion (now, THAT'S a promise):
"I'll show myself the way I am and I'll stand up for it 100%".

Sitting here now I can honestly say that I absolutely kept the promise and I have been very real in most situations. The more I show myself as I am, the better I feel about being me. So, a big: CHECK!! on that.

I also put some kind of a spell on the upcoming year 2012 with the words:
-I'll be damned if there's not gonna be a year without fear for me soon!
Little did I know that I was on to something.

Year 2012 started with visiting my firstborn son in his new apartment and as always, I was left wanting nothing, my heart was filled with love!

I was still keeping busy with Five Fabs and My Favourite Day in January 2012, that because the autumn of 2011 I most certainly needed finding good things, actively, with each day that passed. 
It's interesting seeing that, 'cuz I sure can't remember - for the love of me - when I ceased needing that. Thank goodness I ceased, though!!

I think the famous phrase Carpe Diem, sums January up, pretty well. I tried my hardest for that and I was actively present in my life every single day, hunting for it!


I started February out with a really positive notion too, seeing a blue sky, feeling invincible. Life steadily takes a turn for the better again, that's apparent!

February brought a visit from my parents-in-law and some insightful conversations that I could take away from.

Even if spring flowers did show in January, February brought heaven sent snow and we had a beautiful sunny, snowy day in a ski slope riding down.

These lines, says something of my struggle and almost makes me feel for my self, the self that existed in February 2012:

"Summing all my grails up, makes for this: making every day a favorite day, finding Five Fabs every day, Tuesday Snuggle forever, Thursday Charge Time and the heavenly weekends!!!! How can you not like that prospect? How is that not walking a rainbow, accompanied by a unicorn?"

I read determination between the lines and I see precious snow in the photos! A genuine love of my wonderful life, grows when I see it all!

The Boy did loads of magic tricks this time in life and hubs reached the gracious ripe of age of 44 and got heart cookies made by me <3
My firstborn came to visit too - I had forgotten about that actually - good to look back and reminisce!!
And that proved to be the visit when Funkie decided to let Alexander's girlfriend Charlene in to our pack. It was, in general, a perfect visit by them and with them, winter also left us...


With March came spring, finally! It came with an unexpected Bam! and certainly was welcome. We had coffee outside and I carped a whole lot of diem!

The Boy learned to whistle, all of a sudden, this splendid month of March :-)
We also made a gorgeous visit to the beach.

Flies and a soft sun to warm your face, was fantastic gifts that March brought for us here in the south of the north...?!!

The big musical contest was on and in my family we made a thing - a glamorama - of it and had loads of fun doing so! The Boy cheered for Ulrik!.

March 26:th it was 21 years since I became a mother - what a thing!!!
And like every year, I concluded that March brought spring for real - it is the most wonderful month of change in that sense: huge bits and pieces of change happen.

I say no more, I let the pics do the talking now:

There he goes whistling again <3

I and my flatiron fell in love <3

No, your eyes aren't failing you: That Boy still snuts my hair daily. It brings smashing looks ;-)

Twenty years ago, on this day, he aged 1 :-)


When April arrives there's no longer any doubt: spring is a'comin'!!
This April in year 2012 I also faound my own style, look-wise, and felt I grown inside and changed - evolved even. What a feeling!
We also finally got around to changing the bathroom downstairs, the bathroom that needed changing absolutely most (even if the upper one is crying out desperately for it too!).
Good things in April, hence!

Hubs felt a little blue at this point, since none of the jobs he was interviewing for were offered to him. It is hard being 44 and feeling off and wrong.

Easter came and with it a nice arty visit to a castle with annual exhibition and fika, with good lunch, coffee and cinnamon buns :-)
And the temperatures were a'risin'... Finally!

The Boy said this sweet stuff:

"I love you more than 200.0000 .... billion deciliters!"
Yeah, that's what The Boy said Saturday evening, when I read to him when putting him to bed.
How I love that gorgeous boy!!

And then temperatures were a'fallin'.... annoyingly.... ;-)

Well, spring definately came and sunshine, buds, birds and the whole world woke up. Great precious times together.

The Boy lost his second front tooth!!!!
We bought a XBox Kinnect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And The Dog kept snutting his ole blanket.

Marcus started his Italian cooking for real this month and that sure was a good a thing :-)

There was illness, hair artist and cow-watch going on in April. Seems like quite the busy month, looking back.

Searching for the egg the easter bunny put out there somewhere...!

The Boy went to a disco-party!!


May made a savvy entrance and offered real infatuation for hubs and I, alongside lovely times in the garden and in our surroundings. We bought new bikes for the whole family and started biking around. Fun times!

We painted the fence hubs built a year earlier and we bought a "box" to cultivate in - loving that :-)

I also started gym training in May - wow, it's been that long!!
We went with friends on an outing outdoors and it was so darn cold, it was unbelievable!!! But the friendship is of course worth it.

We went for a weekend in Stockholm and had a 100% wonderful and fantastic times, outings, hotel, food and experiences!! We all loved every single minute <3

And certainly by the end of May, there she was: miss Summer!


June came with the definite realization that I've been too busy to update this blog three times a week. This darling blog was born to save my sanity at a point in life when certain things were so difficult. Kelle's blog picked me up and then I started this, in order to focus on my private life.
Now it did its magic and I'm happy to say it's not needed to that extent any longer.
So, I went with twice a week in June.

The Boy took up soccer again. We celebrated Mother's Day at the glorious beach.
The Boy played with the mandatory water, when it came back on, too. And hubs started exercising at the gym and The Boy came with us. 
And we'd BBQ.....!!!

(we found five thousand spider babies also - not hoping for an encore in that case...)

There was a huge "graduation picnic" when The Boy finished pre-school class and we went out to celebrate, the three of us!

June, of course, ended in grand style by celebrating Midsummer! With our good friends.


July meant a gorgeous picnic with delicious foods and wine, on my friend's birthday in a sculpture park. It was a beautiful sunny and totally fun day!

It also meant starting to build a terrace and seeing dear sweet relatives - all sooooo good!

July meant: beach visits, Alexander and Charlene-visit, going to Malmö to see the only skyscraper, finishing that terrace and so much more.

A lovely month, July, when I started my five weeks of vaca!!

My friend Pernilla released a book and what a party I attended!!

First evening of vaca. I was soooooooo tired.

All I need. Lucky me <3


The Boy aged 7 and celebrated in raspberry-picking-style with his dearly loved bro of course!
Relative-party, trampoline jumping, a refurnished deck (I carried the dining table and sofas to the entrance side and furnished with lounge furniture on the deck - much better use!!) and the mandatory - heavenly - dinner at the small harbor of Kaseberga (to absolutely die for, if ever there was such a thing) made August just perfect!

The beach!
Friends coming to BBQ!
Going to Astrid Lindgren's World with our best friends, camping there for three days - wonderful.
Going to see my parents-in-law and pirate hunting with them.

And then: August's best (2012's best):
VENICE!!!!! I'm in love, this is where I'M SUPPOSED to be. LOL, say no no no more :-D


The month of September apparently went fast - blogwise and lifewise 'cuz only two posts were made by me!! I guess work was intense, I know I was ill quite a lot and there was the annual book fair, where I got to see Alexander and his gal again. I actually spent two nights on their couch. Ouch!!! :-)
It was still summer in September, so year 2012 took us in with sweet weather  March through September. Good thing!

I think October may have been the month when I again realized I can't keep keep up with the pace of this blog, this home of mine on the internet. I started getting serious with writing my book this summer and that takes time. I discontinued being active in a network also, that I had been active in for years, but prioritizing is essential when you work 40 hours a week and commute 20 hours a week. Life only has so many hours to offer.

The Boy's famous - or is it infamous - b-day party took place. Oh my goodness gracious....!!!!! But we survived and he loved it. But we did manage by just about hanging on for dear life in the whirlwind that it turned out to be!

Soccer had its last tournament - freezing and I went in a summer dress. How silly is that????!!

Funkie had his birthday and sang along, I went to a nice evening out with a good friend, hubs and I went out for coffee, hubs started commuting by train to a town where he started studying again and so we'd bump into each other occasionally...!!!

Well, yes with October fall arrived in beautiful style. Welcome!

And then again we went out in late October and could sit in the woods in only t/shirts and have our picnic. A wondrous enchanted life indeed! 

The Boy made an apple laptop! 

It is a heart warming fall, that much I gather! We picked our grapes, I oiled our deck and I went with The Boy for a day in his school. I enjoyed seeing him there, enjoying himself. I also did very well as a goal keeper at recess!

Marten Goose was The Big Thing here in November and it is a big deal in the part of the country where we live! We had our first ever Marten Goose party with our festive gang that we always hang with and it was quite a very big deal indeed!!!!!! Took ten times longer than I thought and was darn near a disaster, time wise. But we all had fun and a good time though, in the end!

There was a fab floorball cup, which went very well for The Boy`s team.
There was still Tuesday Snuggle going on, which we both love.

The Boys class played a classical play for the parents and that was a great evening for us all.
The Boy and I had a couple of days off, together and we went to the hairdresser, the library, we walked, biked and fikade!

A very good month, November was. I`m so pleased with it, I enjoyed it a lot.

This little one I planted totally the wrong way, at the wrong time and forgot. 
But it came up, in November!!!

Still blooming firecly, late November!

These and also the loveherbs also kept blooming like it was... summer!

And then, all of a sudden, it showed> The Christmas Month!!!

There was December 1st, 1st advent, and a little snow and then more snow. Lots of SNOW!!!!

We had floorball finale, mulled wine party and Lucia bun baking. December it never ends. It is tiring and it is fun.

Then Christmas with my son Alexander and his gal, Santa`s visit, our trip to relatives to celebrate my birthday, our visit with our best friends and New Year`s Eve with da gang!

Hectic great December!

Oh, and I had one wish for the year 2012, I see when I read the summing of 2011. It was having a calmer year, a lighter year.
My friends, I can tell you that I got it. I sure did get it! It was calmer, more balanced, more harmonic and lighter. It was better!

More Christmassy pics will come in next blogpost!

Thank God I ended year 2012 the same way I started it, in the company of my firstborn son.

Now I`ll surrender to year 2013.
If I wanted 2012 to be calmer and lighter, I wish for year 2013 to be more fun and adventure, more movies, more writing, more laughing. If that is possible!!!

Have a great one, dear friends and thank you for following me through a whole year / or some even more!

Nothing but love for you.

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